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A multi-chip module is provided which utilizes benzocyclobutene as a laminate adhesive for bonding the upper dielectric films in a high density interconnect structure. The benzocyclobutene thermosetting polymer is spin coated on a polyimide film, and baked at low temperature to remove any solvent to ...

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Substrate material is molded directly to semiconductor chips and other electrical components that are positioned for integrated circuit module fabrication. Chips having contact pads are placed face down on a layer of adhesive supported by a base. A mold form is positioned around the chips. Substrate ...

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An improved working electrode for use in display devices is disclosed. The working electrode comprises a transparent metal grid having a coating of metal oxide thereon. Suitable metal grids include Cu, Au, Ag, Al, Pt, Ni and Zn, while suitable metal oxide coatings include In.sub.2 O.sub.3, SnO.sub.2 ...

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A method for fabricating a circuit module includes applying an outer insulative layer over a first patterned metallization layer on a first surface of a base insulative layer. A second surface of the base insulative layer has a second patterned metallization layer. At least one circuit chip having c ...

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A plurality of identical processor cells arranged interconnected to form a data processor for processing digital data signals.

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A method and system for more efficiently utilizing presently available and prospectively available two-way communication channels for communication between mobile telephones and either fixed telephones or mobile telephones. A large mobile telephone service area is divided into a plurality of smaller ...

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A multichip module (incorporating a high density interconnect structure) has: a first portion containing a substrate with semiconductor chips therein, with each chip having contact pads; a second portion comprising a (HDI) structure interconnecting the chip pads; and a solvent-soluble release layer ...

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A second order digital filter utilizing six processor operations, two add instructions, two shift instructions and two store instructions. No multipliers are required. The filter is used as a digital filter in a servo loop having a Z transform of, G(Z)=4 (1-Z.sup.-1)+Z.sup.-2.

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The invention relates to a self monitoring/calibrating phased array radar in which the operating path for transmission and the operating path for reception may be monitored/calibrated by the addition of a corporate calibration network coupled at the plural end to the antenna elements and at the sing ...

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An input/output driver program residing in digital computer apparatus responsive to Pascal type of software and which operates to emulate an asychronous terminal, as opposed to bisynchronous devices having defined protocols, in a distributed processing environment. The computer thus programmed is ad ...