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A micro-climate cooling vest of lightweight material of double wall construction, the body-proximate portion of which is comfortable and compatible with the clothing or skin of the wearer contains an internal liner portion comprised of a sealable insulative pocket that contains a heat transfer mater ...

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A process and system recycles and reuses gray water generated by dishwashers, showers, carwashes, and clothes washers while maintaining the same cleaning performance as current systems. Hollow-fiber membrane ultrafiltration is used to reduce fresh water supply demands and gray water generation where ...

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A system is adapted to be vehicle mounted and powered by a D.C. source coupled with an inverter to cool individuals or temperature sensitive hardware under uncomfortable ambient conditions. The system includes a pumped liquid circulation loop which can be connected by self-sealing lines with cooling ...

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Phase-change materials are used to preserve temperature-sensitive items such as biological specimens without subjecting the latter to extreme heat or extreme cold. Such use provides active thermal control due to melting and solidification of the phase-change materials at constant temperature.

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A water-activated, exothermic-chemical heater for packaging in a plastic heating bag is produced by methods which allow the heater material to be loosely placed in the heater while retaining the heating material uniformly distributed over the heater by cup-shaped or through cavities in a rigid membe ...

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Method and compositions for reducing or removing ice formation from surfaces where the compositions consist essentially of (i) one or more polyhydric alcohols and (ii) one or more non-potassium, low carbon percentage organic compounds, and optionally one or more non-potassium, non-halide inorganic c ...

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A rotary compressor, such as a sliding vane compressor, comprises a housing having a bore, a rotor assembly operatively arranged to rotate within the bore, vanes operatively arranged at the rotor assembly to move linearly relative to the rotor assembly and to form, together with the housing and roto ...

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A heat pump system and method utilizes heat of mixing, in addition to the latent heat of solution, to increase cooling ability and thermal performance. The system includes a unique two-phase compressor for compressing a two-component mixture of liquid absorbent-refrigerant solution and superheated v ...