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An optical switch provides improved high speed digital optical switching with a compact and fabrication tolerant configuration, and includes a first waveguide portion, a plurality of intermediate waveguide portions connected to the first portion, with each intermediate portion associated with a firs ...

Mohammad Khatib
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A method of providing a user terminal (UE) in a wireless telecommunications network with a software upgrade involves making a call connection between the user terminal (UE) and a base station (Node B) in which software is transmitted from the base station to the user terminal.

Mohammad Khatib
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A method is provided of activating new software or a software upgrade at a network element of a telecommunications network. The method first comprises during the software activation monitoring processing resources involved in the activation to determine parameter values. A resource usage indicator i ...

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A differential amplifier circuit for amplifying an input signal and for providing an output signal representative of the input signal includes first and second amplifier circuits, and first and second coupling circuits. The first and second amplifier circuits each include first and second transistor ...

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A unified messaging solution and services platform is provided by utilizing the features and capabilities associated with instant messaging to locate a registered user, query the user for a proposed message disposition, and coordinate services among a plurality of communication devices, modes, and c ...

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A method of retrieving and manipulating electronic information that relates to a printed document. Each printed document contains an initialization marking that is recognizable by an external sensory device and unique to the printed document. When a reader of the printed document desires to retrieve ...

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An apparatus and method enables a user to control the selection of electronic multimedia services to be provided to the user by one or more servers over a communication medium. The apparatus includes a scanner for reading marks on an object and for communicating a request signal, having an object co ...

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Techniques for reducing the amount of junk e-mail received by a user of an e-mail system. A recipient description containing non-address information is added to an e-mail message. The user has an e-mail filter which has access to information which provides a model of the user. The e-mail filter uses ...

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For use with a network having server sites capable of being browsed by users based on identifiers received into the server sites and personal to the users, alternative proxy systems for providing substitute identifiers to the server sites that allow the users to browse the server sites anonymously v ...

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Systems and methods are disclosed wherein a single set of consumer items may be purchased by debiting any of a plurality of accounts stored on a smart card. According to an embodiment disclosed herein, a point-of-sale terminal includes a terminal processor, an item identification device, a terminal ...