Benjamin Mattes
Hsing Lin Wang, Benjamin R Mattes: Permeable polyaniline articles for gas separation. Los Alamos National Security, Samuel M Freund, Juliet A Jones, July 21, 2009: US07563484 (1 worldwide citation)

Immersion precipitation of solutions having 15%-30% (w/w) and various molecular weights of the emeraldine base form of polyaniline in polar aprotic solvents are shown to form integrally skinned asymmetric membranes and fibers having skin layers <1 μm thick which exhibit improved rates of gas transpo ...

Michael D Ward, Gregory Kaduchak: Acoustic concentration of particles in fluid flow. Los Alamos National Security, Woodcock Washburn, November 23, 2010: US07837040 (90 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for acoustic concentration of particles in a fluid flow includes a substantially acoustically transparent membrane and a vibration generator that define a fluid flow path therebetween. The fluid flow path is in fluid communication with a fluid source and a fluid outlet and the vibration ...

Gregory Kaduchak, Greg Goddard, Gary Salzman, Dipen Sinha, John C Martin, Christopher Kwiatkowski, Steven Graves: Ultrasonic analyte concentration and application in flow cytometry. Los Alamos National Security, Mark N Fitzgerald, March 11, 2008: US07340957 (77 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes an apparatus and corresponding method for concentrating analytes within a fluid flowing through a tube using acoustic radiation pressure. The apparatus includes a function generator that outputs a radio frequency electrical signal to a transducer that transforms the ra ...

Gregory Kaduchak, Michael D Ward: Particle analysis in an acoustic cytometer. Los Alamos National Security, Woodcock Washburn, September 18, 2012: US08266950 (42 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method and apparatus for acoustically manipulating one or more particles. Acoustically manipulated particles may be separated by size. The particles maybe flowed in a flow stream and acoustic radiation pressure, which may be radial, may be applied to the flow stream. This ...

Don M Coates, Louis A Rosocha: Fuel injector utilizing non-thermal plasma activation. Los Alamos National Security, Mark N Fitzgerald, Meredith H Schoenfeld, December 1, 2009: US07625531 (40 worldwide citation)

A non-thermal plasma assisted combustion fuel injector that uses an inner and outer electrode to create an electric field from a high voltage power supply. A dielectric material is operatively disposed between the two electrodes to prevent arcing and to promote the formation of a non-thermal plasma. ...

Thomas M McCleskey, Anthony K Burrell, Quanxi Jia, Yuan Lin: Polymer-assisted deposition of films. Los Alamos National Security, Bruce H Cottrell, April 29, 2008: US07365118 (38 worldwide citation)

A polymer assisted deposition process for deposition of metal oxide films is presented. The process includes solutions of one or more metal precursor and soluble polymers having binding properties for the one or more metal precursor. After a coating operation, the resultant coating is heated at high ...

Scott A Kinkead: Olefin metathesis for kerogen upgrading. Los Alamos National Security, Merchant & Gould, March 15, 2011: US07905288 (36 worldwide citation)

A method for chemically-upgrading shale-bound kerogen comprises contacting shale-bound kerogen comprising carbon-carbon double bonds with a quantity of alkene species in the presence of an olefin metathesis catalyst. A catalyzed metathetical reaction occurs between the shale-bound kerogen and the al ...

Laura E Boucheron: Combinational pixel-by-pixel and object-level classifying, segmenting, and agglomerating in performing quantitative image analysis that distinguishes between healthy non-cancerous and cancerous cell nuclei and delineates nuclear, cytoplasm, and stromal material objects from stained biological tissue materials. Los Alamos National Security, John P O Banion, July 16, 2013: US08488863 (35 worldwide citation)

Quantitative object and spatial arrangement-level analysis of tissue are detailed using expert (pathologist) input to guide the classification process. A two-step method is disclosed for imaging tissue, by classifying one or more biological materials, e.g. nuclei, cytoplasm, and stroma, in the tissu ...

D Wayne Cooke, Edward A McKigney, Ross E Muenchausen, Bryan L Bennett, Kevin C Ott, Rico E Del Sesto, T Mark McCleskey, Anthony K Burrell: Nanocomposite scintillator and detector. Los Alamos National Security, Samuel L Borkowsky, June 16, 2009: US07547888 (26 worldwide citation)

A nanocomposite scintillator is prepared using fast, bright, rare-earth doped nanopowder phosphor and a binder that is transparent to the emission of the phosphor.

Dongming M Cai, Maya Gokhale: Detection of malicious computer executables. Los Alamos National Security, Milton D Wyrick, Juliet A Jones, April 14, 2009: US07519998 (25 worldwide citation)

A method of detecting malicious binary executable files is accomplished by inputting a binary executable file; converting the binary executable file to byte hexadecimal text strings; calculating the frequency of each byte pattern in the byte hexadecimal text strings; selecting characteristic byte pa ...