Hans Johann Horn: Safety binding for ski boot. Look Fixations, John Moetteli, Bugnion, July 8, 2003: US06588791 (10 worldwide citation)

A safety binding for a ski boot having a sole clamp divided into two sole clamps (



Roland Bardin, Michel Thevenet: Longitudinally adjustable base for ski binding. Look Fixations, Kane Dalsimer Sullivan Kurucz Levy Eisele and Richard, August 18, 1998: US05794962 (7 worldwide citation)

A base intended to receive a ski binding thereon, said base comprising a slider (1) fixed to the ski, with a row of notches (4) parallel to the axis of the slider, and a fitted plate (5) sliding onto the slider, with a latch (6) engaged, by the action of a spring, in a notch of the slider, in such a ...

Kruajitch Andre Jean: Plate for raising a ski binding. Look Fixations, April 14, 1999: EP0908203-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The plate (1) is a single rigid piece made from molded synthetic material. Its middle zone (5) is thinned by two hollows in its lower surface. These are at least partially filled with supple elastic material (9,10). The center of the plate (6) is fixed to the ski (2) by screws. The plate elevates th ...


Buquet Thierry, Kruajitch Andre Jean: Safety ski binding. Look Fixations, January 27, 1999: EP0893146-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The ski binding heelpiece comprises a sole clip with a solid tubular body (1) articulated around a transverse cam (10) which is part of a solid, U-shaped stirrup (2) belonging to a pivoting plate. The plate is mounted on a slider, along the length of which it can be positioned from behind. The tubul ...

Chonier Frederic: Ski fixing. Look Fixations, August 27, 1999: FR2775195-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The ski fixing comprises a front or rear fixing component (4) which slides on a support (1) fixed to the ski. It is pushed toward the other fixing component by a pressure spring (8) supported against a support piece (16) which is able to occupy several positions along the support. The fixing include ...


Roland Bardin, Michel Thevenet: Longitudinally adjustable mounting for a ski binding. Look Fixations, John Moetteli, Bugnion, April 18, 2000: US06050591 (5 worldwide citation)

A mounting for a ski binding including a runner (1) attached to the ski and a plate (2) slidably mounted on the runner and provided with a latch (3) that may be released by means of a lever (6) pivotably mounted under the plate (2) and extending through an aperture (10) therein. The lever and/or the ...