Frank John L: Loose-leaf binder mechanism. Litton Business Systems, July 24, 1973: US3748051 (67 worldwide citation)

A loose-leaf binder having a central sheet holding unit detachably coupled along both its outer sides to the binder cover. For sheet loading and unloading, the sheet holding unit is uncoupled from the binder cover on one or the other of its sides and the unit opened. Alternatively, the entire closed ...

Jerome Caruso: Bonded chair construction. Litton Business Systems, Robert F Rotella, Norman Friedman, February 14, 1978: US04073539 (55 worldwide citation)

An article of seating comprises a shell member and a skin member in contact with the shell member, the skin member being attached to the shell member throughout substantially the entire surface area of mutual contact between the skin member and the shell member.

Robert D Ziegler: Hanger bracket. Litton Business Systems, Robert E Lowe, May 31, 1977: US04026508 (49 worldwide citation)

A hanger bracket adapted to secure wire merchandise hangers to perforated board is disclosed. The bracket has a plurality of communicating vertical and horizontal channels which enable it to accommodate hangers of various diameters.

Morris David, Conti Donald: Switching voltage regulator with input low voltage and output voltage detectors. Litton Business Systems, August 21, 1973: US3754182 (48 worldwide citation)

A constant potential power supply having a Schmitt trigger regulator and switching amplifier to maintain the output load voltage within a predetermined range, and an undervoltage protection circuit which disables the regulator when the input potential goes below a predetermined level. An integrating ...

Frechette Thomas E: Litton Business Systems, Spalla Joseph R, Gershman Arthur, September 9, 1975: US3904017 (46 worldwide citation)

Interchangeable ribbon cartridge constructions for housing, for facile mounting in a typewriter, an endless composite two color fabric ribbon, an endless fabric and an error correction ribbon, or a carbon ribbon and an error correction ribbon. The cartridges comprise left and right housings and fron ...

Stephen A Roen: Solar powered portable calculator. Litton Business Systems, Stephen A Roen, Norman Friedman, Robert F Rotella, April 12, 1977: US04017725 (45 worldwide citation)

A portable calculator utilizing a solar panel array which can be either slidably moved within the calculator's housing or pivotly connected to it and which when exposed to incident light provide power for the calculator.

Brignole Frederick A: Ribbon cassettes for single element typewriters. Litton Business Systems, Spalla Joseph R, August 12, 1975: US3899065 (37 worldwide citation)

The invention is a ribbon cassette which rotatably mounts supply and take-up spools and includes vibrator arms which are couplable to ribbon elevating means mounted on a cartridge. The cartridge is removably mounted on a machine and includes ribbon feed means operable by the ribbon elevating means. ...

Ronald A Davis: Business form. Litton Business Systems, Norman Friedman, Robert F Rotella, February 3, 1981: US04248919 (37 worldwide citation)

A business form, which may be a tag, label, ticket, identification card, or the like, comprising a base sheet adapted to receive writing or printing and a transparent sheet having adhesive by which it can be laminated to the base sheet, and a liner sheet covering the adhesive. A removable carbon pap ...


Stephen A Salkeld, Mark E Stock: Panel system interconnecting means. Litton Business Systems, Michael H Wallach, Robert F Rotella, November 22, 1983: US04416093 (32 worldwide citation)

A panel having means for interconnecting it to other like panels, said interconnecting means comprising hook and ring connector members which are longitudinally shiftable relative to the length of the panel and are substantially flat.