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A self-hardenable material comprising a calcium phosphate having an atomic ratio of Ca/P of 1.4 to 1.6, a difficultly water-soluble inorganic fluoride, an organic or inorganic acid and water is provided. For example, when the hardenable material is frilled in the form of slurry or paste in a necessa ...

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An athletic glove apparatus for providing a non-slip grip and for providing padding and protection to the hand and the various areas of impact for use in different sports. A baseball glove apparatus comprises a glove and a bat wrap, the glove comprising a palm truss, a thumb truss a lower finger tru ...

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A torsional ultrasonic vibrator particularly adapted for treating teeth by exposing them to ultrasonic waves in the presence of a tooth-decay retarding agent which engages the teeth. A shaft which has a central axis has fixed thereto a blade which projects from the latter axis while having a size sm ...

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