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A process and apparatus provides breathing gas for occupants of pressurized cabins, e.g., cabins in aircraft, by passing a compressed air through adsorbers for increasing the relative oxygen concentration thereof. The same apparatus is simultaneously employed for providing an emergency breathing gas ...

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A cracking furnace has a radiant heating zone provided with fuel-fired burners and through which a preheated feedstock is passed, combustion gases from the radiant heating zone passing into a convection zone before being discharged from said furnace. The convection zone is provided with heat-exchang ...

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In high-temperature fuel cells, for example the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), anode waste gases containing hydrogen and carbon dioxide are separated from the waste gas stream by means of, e.g., a scrubbing step and/or an adsorption system, and the thus-obtained ...

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For cooling a gas by direct heat exchange with a cooling liquid, the gas (1) to be cooled is introduced into the lower region of a direct contact cooler (2). A first stream of cooling liquid (8) is fed into the direct contact cooler (2) above the point of introduction of the gas (1). Cooled gas (5) ...

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A system for the deep freezing of biological substances provides an input representing the temperature-time curve required at the outer wall of a receptacle containing biological substances to be deep-frozen while a sensor measures the actual temperatures at this wall and controls the cooling applie ...

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A cold gas spraying method and device, whereby the sprayed particles are accelerated in a gas flow. A powder tube and an outer nozzle body together form a Laval nozzle that produces high gas flow velocities. The injection of the sprayed particles occurs in the divergent section of the Laval nozzle.

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In a process for the production of a fuel gas by the pressure gasification of carbon-containing fuels with oxygen and steam, wherein the oxygen is manufactured in a low temperature air separation plant and the steam is formed in a gas-heated steam boiler, and the waste gases produced in the steam bo ...

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The apparatus is used to produce a product by low-temperature separation of a gas mixture, in particular air. It includes a direct contact cooler (3) for cooling the feed mixture, a purification apparatus (4) for purifying the cooled feed mixture and a low-temperature part (7). The low-temperature p ...

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A multiple consumer hydraulic device is provided having a pump and at least two consumers, where a multiway control valve throttling in the intermediate positions is located in front of each of these consumers and a hydraulically controlled additional valve is located in the line between the pump an ...

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In a two stage activated sludge plant, where in the first stage the major proportion of the organic pollutants is decomposed and in the second stage the decomposition of the residual organic pollutants is conducted in conjunction with nitrification, the nitrifying bacteria are fixed on a low-density ...