Xie Weihong, Chen Maoru, Liu Xuehua: Intravenous inject contg. pseudo-ginseng total saponin and its prodn. method. Liming Pharmaceutical Factory, Lizhu Group, sha cha guan chang, July 21, 2004: CN03130709

An intravenous injection of common notoginseng saponin for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and their sequelae is prepared through dissolving the isotonic agent in distalled water, adding activated carbon, filtering, adding common notoginseng saponin, dissolving wh ...

Liu Xiaoxia, Lu Jianzhong: Health care mouthwash and its preparation method. Liming Pharmaceutical Factory, Jiangxi, LIU XIAOJUN LI KE, September 22, 1993: CN93101589

The invented gargling liquor uses the entire plant of chloranthaceae sarcandra glabra as its main raw medicinal material, and after having been refinid by twice-precipitation extraction process the said medicinal material is mixed with other ingredients, such as natural aromatic, medicinal excipient ...

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