Charles Sperry
Hargrove William Walter, Harris Dale Carvin, Akers Michael James, Sperry Charles Richard: Vacuum vial infusion system.. Lilly Co Eli, June 26, 1985: EP0146310-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

This invention relates generally to systems for intravenously administering medicine to a patient and more particularly to a vacuum vial infusion system for reconstituting a drug from a dried state to a liquid state while the drug is still within the vial. The drug is administered by means of an int ...

Allen Douglas James, Johnson Kirk Willis, Nevin Robert Stephen: Hydrophilic polyurethane membranes for electrochemical glucose sensors.. Lilly Co Eli, April 7, 1993: EP0535898-A1 (164 worldwide citation)

Homogeneous membranes permeable to oxygen and glucose composed of hydrophilic polyurethanes that are capable of absorbing from 10 to 50% of their dry weight of water. Variations in the composition of the hydrophilic polyurethanes make possible the fabrication of membranes in which the ratios of the ...

Harris Dale Carvin: Multiple dose injection pen.. Lilly Co Eli, July 29, 1992: EP0496141-A1 (141 worldwide citation)

Provided is a hypodermic syringe having the same general appearance as a pen which is specifically adapted to provide for multiple measured injections of materials such as insulin or human growth hormone.

Dimarchi Richard Dennis, Brooke Gerald Stephen: Selective chemical removal of a protein amino-terminal residue.. Lilly Co Eli, May 6, 1987: EP0220958-A2 (111 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process and compounds useful therein for producing a compound having an amino acid sequence defining a biologically active peptide or protein from a compound of the formula H-X-Pro-Peptide in which X is the residue of a naturally occurring amino acid and Peptide is a seque ...

Arnold Wendell Ray, Coghlan Michael Joseph, Krumkalns Eriks Victor, Jourdan Glen Phil, Suhr Robert George: Quinoline, quinazoline, and cinnoline fungicides.. Lilly Co Eli, August 2, 1989: EP0326330-A2 (110 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formula (1) wherein X is CR or N, where R is H, Cl, or CH3; Y is CR min if X is N, and Y is CR min or N if X is CR, where R min is H, Cl, or Br; Z is O, S, SO, SO2, NR, where R is H, (C1-C4) alkyl, or (C1-C4) acyl, or CRR, where R and R are independently H, (C1-C4) acyl, (C1-C4) alk ...

Chen Victor John, Dimarchi Richard D, Kriauciunas Aidas V, Smiley David L, Stucky Russell D: Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide analogs, compositions, and methods of use. Lilly Co Eli, April 24, 1996: EP0708179-A2 (97 worldwide citation)

Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide (GLP-1(7-37)) analogs and derivatives are disclosed. The analogs include amino acid substitutions, amino and carboxyl terminal modifications, and C6-C10 acylations. The claimed compounds stimulate the secretion or biosynthesis of insulin in poorly functioning bet ...

Jones Charles David: Benzothiophene compounds and process for preparing them.. Lilly Co Eli, October 13, 1982: EP0062503-A1 (93 worldwide citation)

6-Hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-[3-methylpyrrolidino]ethoxy)benz oyl]be n zo[b]thiophene, its ethers and esters, and the physiologically acceptable acid addition salts thereof, and 6-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-piperidinoethoxy)benzoyl]benzo[b ]-thiophen e, its ethers and esters, and t ...

Becker Gerald Wayne, Brems David Nettleship, Chaney Michael Owen, May Patrick Cornelious, Rydel Russel Eugene, Simmons Linda Karen, Tomaselli Kevin James: Pharmaceutical screens and antibodies.. Lilly Co Eli, Athena Neurosciences, August 31, 1994: EP0613007-A2 (89 worldwide citation)

This invention describes a series of assays useful in evaluating the efficacy of agents which inhibit the neurotoxic effects of beta -amyloid peptide. These assays employ beta -amyloid peptide which is in a predominantly beta -sheet conformation. This invention also encompasses antibodies having a s ...

Black Larry John, Cullinan George Joseph: Improvements in or relating to benzothiophenes.. Lilly Co Eli, March 2, 1994: EP0584952-A1 (83 worldwide citation)

The current invention provides compounds, methods and pharmaceutical formulations for use in treating or preventing osteoporosis by inhibiting the loss of bone. These compounds, methods and formulations can be used without the associated adverse effects of estrogen therapy, and thus are effective in ...

Harris Dale Carvin: Device to prevent refilling of a hypodermic syringe.. Lilly Co Eli, April 27, 1994: EP0594349-A1 (78 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an anti-backup device which prevents the nut (10) from moving up the threaded piston (5) at the end of the dose by rotating in the opposite direction of that in which the nut (10) moves up the position to set the new dose by rotating dose knob. In this way, it is assur ...