Donglan Ma, Zonghu Lin, Zulian Qiu, Dong Wang, Baoyan Xu, Dazhong Chen, Yewei Zhao, Yu Zheng: Measuring device used in a four-parameter measuring system and in a high temperature and high pressure condition. Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau, Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel P C, March 24, 1998: US05731517 (4 worldwide citation)

A measuring device used in a four parameter measuring system for measuring simultaneously temperature, pressure, flow rate and steam quality of steam injection profiles during heavy oil recovery by steam injection, comprising: a cable cap, arranged at the top of the device; a measuring section, conn ...

Dexiang Hu: Gate type vertical elevated mast. Equipment Engineering Company of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau CNPC, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, March 4, 2008: US07337738 (4 worldwide citation)

A vertically elevated gate mast with open front that is divided into multiple sections and is assembled section by section from bottom to the top. The first section is an integrated structure, and 2nd to nth sections are divided into a left part and a right part. Each left and right part is assemble ...


Dexiang Hu: Scissors type vertical elevated substructure. Equipment Engineering Company of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau CNPC, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, March 3, 2009: US07497052 (2 worldwide citation)

A scissors type vertical elevated substructure. The base and the surface of the substructure are articulated through folding legs. The nodes of the legs are articulated through connection rods and form double parallelograms which are mirror images and share a common base. There is a guide device on ...

Fengshan Zhang, Yuanwen Gao: Reclaiming carbon dioxide from boiler flue gas. Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau CNPC, Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo P C, June 21, 2011: US07964025 (2 worldwide citation)

Systems and techniques for the reclamation of carbon dioxide from boiler flue gas as well as for the liquefaction of the reclaimed carbon dioxide for well injection oil recovery are provided. A system can include a boiler, tower scrubber, carbon dioxide absorber, regenerator, reboiler, rectifying to ...

Xianchang Xia, Fuyan Zhang, Shaoxia Han, Xijun Tian, Hong Li: Downhole cut-off valve used for cementing. Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau of Xinglongtai, Rothwell Figg Ernst & Kurz, September 28, 1999: US05957197 (1 worldwide citation)

A downhole cut-off valve used for cementing a casing string, comprising: an outer hollow body, having a top end connected at the lower end of the casing string, an inner hole, an inner surface and a projecting shoulder forming on the inner surface and extending inwardly; an inner hollow body, arrang ...





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