Li Gang: Ten-key input method for chinese character and its keyboard. Li Gang, June 16, 1999: CN98123365

A Chinese-character shape-code enter method for communication devices and computer features that the basic strokes and frequently used parts of Chinese characters are divided into 10 groups as the basic encording cells and each encoding cell is assigned to one of the keys on keyboard or one of numer ...

Li Gang: Super sonic flaw detection method for steel rail, probe roller and detecting device therefor. Li Gang, wang sibeng, August 11, 1999: CN98123430

The present invention relates to a nondestructive testing method and the testing wheel and testing device, especially ultrasonic testing of steel rail. According to the said method, ultrasonic wave proceeds coupling by solid state coupling medium. The invented testing wheel includes: tyre made of so ...


Li Gang: Beverage contg. trichloro-saccharose. Li Gang, li feng, February 14, 2007: CN200610015435

A beverage containing trichlorosucrose able to regulate blood sugar for the patients of diabetes contains water, citric acid, essence, trichlorosucrose, sodium citrate and thickening agent.

Pan Jicheng, Li Gang, Wu Zhenlu, Li Futao: Formula of rubber-free type winding form clutch plate and technique thereof. Li Gang, January 2, 2008: CN200610028182

The invention discloses a formula and its technique of non-rubber wound formed clutch piece as the structure of composite material of cashew oil resin slurry and winding fiber textile, which is characterized by the following: reducing the consumption of petroleum because not synthesizing rubber and ...

Li Gang: Micro channel via-skin kidney puncture double dots localization method and auxiliary puncture outfit thereof. Li Gang, shi zezhi, February 7, 2007: CN200610036523

The invention discloses a two-point piercing locating method and auxiliary piercer for micro-channel through kidney, which comprises the following steps: a. inserting ureter conductor on the upper segment through cavity mirror; casting contrast agent; b. exposing once through X-ray machine; affirmin ...

Li Gang, Liu Zhimei: Multiple-language translation system. Li Gang, October 17, 2007: CN200610034884

The invention relates to a multinational instant online translation system. An instant online webpage translation technology (for short, online translation) is a novel instant webpage translation technology based on server, the technology intercepts and captures the URL request submitted by client u ...

Li Gang: Automatic cash collecting system. Li Gang, June 27, 2007: CN200510134737

This invention discloses a self-collection system installation. Self-collection system installation is a portable machine with the function of wireless scanning and information processing, which can scan the goods barcode and transmit the relevant information to the host through the receiver for cus ...

Li Gang, Liu Qiang, Li Peng, Xiong Guiming, Ding Xin, Liu Jianjun: Flout glass production line fan energy-saving control device and its energy-saving control method. Li Gang, ning qinliang, October 25, 2006: CN200610043852

The present invention includes signal collecting device, electric energy quality controller, programmable controller, visualization site operation station, intelligent fuzzy controller, operator control station, engineer control station and energy management station, wherein each part electrically c ...

Li Gang, Xiong Guiming, Li Peng, Liu Qiang, Ding Xin, Jin Leifei: Energy efficiency tracking control apparatus and energy conservation control method for energy-conservative buildings. Li Gang, ning qinliang, July 19, 2006: CN200610042210

The invention relates to an energy-saving building energy follow-up control management unit and its energy-saving control method. The apparatus is formed by a system data collector, a sensor, a center controller, an electric quantity transducer, a data display processor, a fuzzy controller, a cable, ...