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A semiconductor chip package having a clip type lead frame and fabrication thereof. The package includes a semiconductor chip having a plurality of bond pads thereon, a first package body having a recess, a plurality of inner leads each connected electrically to a corresponding one of the bond pads, ...

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An improved package is thinner with increased memory capacity and improved heat emission effect. The package includes a plurality of leads, where each lead comprises a first connection lead and a second connection lead with upper and lower surfaces. An integrated chip, such as a semiconductor chip, ...

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A semiconductor package comprises at least one semiconductor chip; a lead frame having a chip paddle supporting a semiconductor chip, a plurality of inner leads wire-bonded to the chip and a plurality of outer lead extended from the inner leads; and a plastic molding compound sealing the chip and th ...

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An LOC semiconductor package includes: a semiconductor chip; a plurality of two-sided tapes being attached on predetermined portions of the semiconductor chip inthe form of layers; a lead frame having a step coverage corresponding to the form of the two-sided tape; wires electrically connecting inne ...

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An improved transfer molding apparatus has a laminated chase block with many sets, which is capable of fabricating a plurality of semiconductor packages. The apparatus includes an upper plate and a movable lower plate and a plurality of posts disposed between the upper and lower plates. A plurality ...

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A bottom lead package is capable of increasing a memory capacity for a mounting position on a mother board by stacking several semiconductor packages such that exposed surfaces of leads on upper and lower surfaces of the package are aligned. The package includes a semiconductor chip, a plurality of ...

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A bottom lead semiconductor chip stack package which includes a first body and a second body. The first body includes a pair of lead frames, each lead frame having a first lead portion and a second lead portion. A protrusion enclosed in a solder extends from the first lead portion. The first body al ...

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This invention relates to microlenses of the solid state image sensing element and the method for fabricating the microlenses of the solid image sensing elements, which provides a solid state image sensing element including a substrate, photo diode areas each having a plurality of photo diodes in ma ...

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A wafer wet treatment apparatus includes a first supply/discharge line, an outer bath connected to the first supply/discharge line, an inner bath within the outer bath, a second supply/discharge line connected to the inner bath, and at least one partition located on a portion of the inner bath.

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A bottom lead frame and a bottom lead semiconductor package embodying the invention are capable of forming a multiple row pin structure. The bottom lead frame includes a plurality of first leads, and a plurality of second leads, where each lead has a bottom lead portion and an inner lead portion tha ...