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Device for the plasma treatment of substrates (7) in a high frequency-excited plasma discharge between two electrodes (3, 8), supplied by a high-frequency source (6). The first electrode is constructed as a hollow anode (3) and the second electrode (8), which carries the substrate (7), is deposited ...

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1. Centering and support ring (1) for a metallic gasket (2) for use in a metallic sealed flanged connection (3, 4), consisting of a ribbon-type resilient material, comprising tongues (7) which are punched out of the ribbon in the sealing plane, two centering edges (8, 9) being left, which tongues ex ...

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A pressure for a chamber is regulated by controlling either the exhaust pressure at the exhaust side of a first vacuum pump or the internal pressure at a compression stage of the first vacuum pump, where the first vacuum pump is directly communicating with the chamber. The pressure of the chamber ca ...

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Method for making glazing with a high transmissivity in the visible spectral range and with a high reflectivity for thermal radiation as well as low surface resistance. On substrates of mineral glass a system of coatings is built up in the following order:

Dirk Helms: Inserting device for vacuum apparatus. Leybold Heraeus, Felfe & Lynch, March 21, 1989: US04813846 (81 worldwide citation)

An inserter for vacuum installations has a two-part arm provided with a driving and, a single joint and an end for holding an object. The arm can turn in at least one horizontal plane about a vertical main axis disposed in the area of the driving end, and has at least one motor for moving the arm ab ...

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The invention relates to a magnet configuration with permanent magnets (5, 6) around a yoke (2, 3, 4) connecting these permanent magnets (5, 6). The magnetic field strength of this magnet configuration is varied thereby that in the region of the yoke (2, 3, 4) at least one rotatable body (8) is prov ...

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A fluid pump or motor is formed of two disks which are mounted parallel to each other and for rotation relative to each other. The opposed surfaces of the disks include substantially plane portions and projections extending from the substantially plane portions and interengaging with each other. The ...

Dieter Hofmann, Bernd Hensel: Multilayer Ti-Al-N coating for tools. Leybold, Felfe & Lynch, July 19, 1994: US05330853 (70 worldwide citation)

Surface coating includes alternating first and second ternary layers, wherein the first layer TiAlN.sub.x has a higher nitrogen content and is considerably thinner than the second layer TiAlNy. The first layer is preferably applied by decreasing the nitrogen content of a reactive atmosphere from a m ...

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The invention relates to a circuit configuration for the suppression of arcs in a plasma wherein to the plasma path (5, 7, 8) a voltage (11) is applied. The instantaneous value of the voltage of the plasma path (5, 7, 8) is compared with a mean value of the voltage which has been determined over a g ...

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For treating a fluid sample for introduction to a mass spectrometer or other appropriate use, a composite membrane and support assembly allows analytes from a sample flow to permeate through a membrane free from the undesired background matrix. The composite membrane and support assembly comprises a ...