William F Westland: Video composition method and apparatus for providing simultaneous inputting and sorting of video source material. Lex Computing & Management Corporation August 4, 1987: US04685003 (119 worldwide citation)

A video composition method and apparatus select segments from image source material stored on a plurality of storage media and denote serially connected sequences of the segments to thereby form a program sequence. The equipment inputs source material, records the source material on the storage medi ...

Kenneth C Kiesel: Method and apparatus for playing serially stored segments in an arbitrary sequence. Lex Computing & Management Corporation March 1, 1988: US04729044 (87 worldwide citation)

A method for playing a plurality of segments, selected from a plurality of reference segments recorded on each of a plurality of video tape recorders in a known recorded sequence, provides for a continuous replay without the need for creating a master tape. The playback sequence, defined for example ...

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