Morton Pader: Shampoo compositions comprising saccharides. Lever Brothers Company, Irving N Feit, James J Farrell, December 21, 1982: US04364837 (176 worldwide citation)

A freely pourable, substantially homogeneous shampoo composition with superior foaming properties and stability is disclosed.

Raymond Drakoff: Lusterizing shampoo containing a polysiloxane and a hair-bodying agent. Lever Brothers Company, Kenneth F Dusyn, Arnold Grant, June 22, 1976: US03964500 (176 worldwide citation)

Undesirable effects, such as heaviness, oiliness and stringiness, accompanying the deposition of lusterizing amounts of polydimethylsiloxane on the hair during shampooing are reduced or overcome without substantially affecting luster by the presence in the shampoo composition of a polymeric hair bod ...

Leonard J Vinson, Lewis P Cancro: Anticalculus composition. Lever Brothers Company, James J Farrell, Kenneth F Dusyn, Melvin H Kurtz, May 10, 1977: US04022880 (166 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an improved composition for inhibiting dental plaque and calculus formation, comprising zinc ions and a non-toxic, organoleptically acceptable antibacterial agent in an orally acceptable medium, and to a process for retarding the growth of dental plaque and calculus by appl ...

Donald Barby, Zia Haq: Low density porous cross-linked polymeric materials and their preparation and use as carriers for included liquids. Lever Brothers Company, Milton L Honig, James J Farrell, June 11, 1985: US04522953 (158 worldwide citation)

Cross-linked homogenous porous polymeric materials are prepared by polymerization of monomers as the continuous phase in a high internal phase emulsion having above a critical limit of surfactant to ensure adequate absorbtivity. The porous materials may be dried and refilled with selected liquids an ...

Mark Douglas Gerhart, William Kevin Collis: Dual container and individual chamber therefor. Lever Brothers Company, Gerard J McGowan Jr, September 21, 1999: US05954213 (136 worldwide citation)

A dual bottle is formed by two separable interlocked chambers. The chambers preferably each contain different ingredients and have adjacent product exit apertures so that after leaving the chambers the separate product streams can mix. Preferably the chambers are identical, which simplifies manufact ...

Jiri Hora, Gerardus A A Kivits: Stabilized enzymatic liquid detergent composition containing a polyalkanolamine and a boron compound. Lever Brothers Company, Michael J Kelly, James J Farrell, Melvin H Kurtz, April 14, 1981: US04261868 (136 worldwide citation)

The storage stability of aqueous enzymatic liquid detergent compositions is improved by the inclusion therein of a stabilizing system comprising a poly-functional amino compound such as triethanolamine and boric acid or a boron-equivalent thereof.

Appaya R Naik, Klaus H Todt, Martin A Wells: Fabric treatment materials. Lever Brothers Company, Kenneth P Dusyn, James J Farrell, Melvin H Kurtz, January 30, 1979: US04137180 (133 worldwide citation)

Fabric softening is provided by cationic diesters of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 are each an alkyl or hydroxyalkyl group containing from 1 to 4 carbon atoms, or a benzyl group, R.sub.4 and R.sub.5 are each alkyl chains containing from 11 to 23 carbon atoms, and X.sup.- ...

Cornelis G Van Kralingen, Rudolf J Martens, Mark E Rerek, Ton Swarthoff, Marten Van Vliet: Bleach activation. Lever Brothers Company Divison of Conopco, Milton L Honig, May 19, 1992: US05114611 (127 worldwide citation)

Peroxy compound bleaching is activated by a catalytic amount of a transition metal complex of a transition metal (Mn, Co, Fe or Cu) with a non-(macro)-cyclic ligand of the formula: ##STR1## preferably 2,2'-bispyridylamine. Bleaching agent and bleach detergent compositions are also disclosed comprisi ...

Zia Haq: Packaging film and packaging of detergent compositions therewith. Lever Brothers Company, Milton L Honig, James J Farrell, November 22, 1983: US04416791 (121 worldwide citation)

A packaging film comprises a base film of at least partially water-soluble plastics film, for example, polyvinyl alcohol, carrying on one side a protective layer of particulate inert plastics material, for example, polytetrafluoroethylene powder, having a high water repellency. The film is thus vuln ...

Sharon Harriott Jureller, Judith Lynne Kerschner, Myongsuk Bae Lee, Lisa Del Pizzo, Rosemarie Harris, Carol Resch, Cathy Wada: Dry cleaning system using densified carbon dioxide and a surfactant adjunct. Lever Brothers Company Division of Conopco, A Kate Huffman, November 4, 1997: US05683977 (117 worldwide citation)

A system for dry cleaning soils from fabrics comprising densified carbon dioxide and a surfactant in the densified CO.sub.2. The surfactant has a polysiloxane, a branched polyalkylene oxide and a halocarbon group which is a functional CO.sub.2 -philic moiety connected to a CO.sub.2 -phobic functiona ...

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