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The cable gland (10) has an elastic sealing element (12) consisting of two separate sections (16) divided by a plane of separation (14), and a gland component (18) encompassing the gland passage (22) and with internal sealing faces (32) lying against the cable sheath. The gland has at least one hold ...

Drotleff Rolf: Cable feedthrough. Lapp Engineering &Amp, Co, October 11, 2006: EP1710880-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A cable entrance, has a housing nozzle (10) and a cable fixture (30,32,40) provided on the housing nozzle, a fixture section (12) with which the housing nozzle (10) can be fixed on a wall section (22) of an appliance, and a screening contact element (70) contacting a cable screen of a cable (26) tak ...

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A cable entrance has a housing nozzle (10) with central opening and an assembly device provided in the housing nozzle (10) with an assembly attachment, which can be carried through an opening (4) in a wall section (40) of an appliance. A pressure ring is provided for fixing the housing nozzle (10) r ...

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The housing has a resting unit (12), and a cover (6) for closing an opening. A guiding unit is formed at one of two side pieces (2, 4), and a complementary guiding unit (10) is formed at the cover. A spring unit provided between the cover and one of side pieces in a closed condition of the cover has ...

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A cable entrance comprises a housing (10) which can be fixed on an appliance and a fixture (26,40,50) for a cable and a screen contact element (60) held on the housing. The screen contact element has a bristle element (60) contacting a cable screen with elastic and electrically conducting bristles.

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PURPOSE: An insert for an opening of an appliance is provided to fix a housing socket firmly by rotating a pressing ring in a first direction and fixing the housing socket against rotation of the first direction through a holding element. CONSTITUTION: An insert includes a housing socket, an assembl ...

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The invention relates to a plug connector having a main part, comprising a contact blade basket having at least one first and one second contact zone. Said contact zones are disposed one after the other in the longitudinal direction of the plug connector, and have a plurality of contact blades. Adja ...