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A hamper and method for making and using the same: The hamper is for collection, transport, and removal for such contents as laundry. The hamper features can include a funnel or even a reversible funnel for gravity-induced filling and unfilling of the hamper, as well as a retractably collapsible ten ...

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A hand covering for protecting a wheelchair user's hand while engaging a wheel of the chair to rotate or stop the rotation of the wheel. The hand covering is provided with tabs, on the back of the finger portions, under which fingers of the user's other hand may be placed to exert a force to remove ...

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A collapsible hamper having top and bottom generally stiff frames, a body of flexible sheet material secured to and extending lengthwise between the frames, and a plurality of generally stiff legs each having top and bottom ends, the hamper having collapsed and assembled states, each leg positionabl ...

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This invention relates to non-steroidal compounds that are modulators of androgen, glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid, and progesterone receptors, and also to the methods for the making and use of such compounds.

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A yarn having cut-resistant and antimicrobial properties. The yarn includes at least one core fiber, and preferably two core fibers. Examples of core fibers include fiberglass, polyester fibers, and high density polyethylene fibers. The core fibers are overwrapped with counter helixes of a cut resis ...

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A medical glove or dressing for covering a wound, lesion, burn or similar injury to the hand is disclosed. The glove comprises a back portion, a palm portion and thumb and finger portions with adjustable opening and closure means for easy insertion of the hand and adjustable fitting of the glove wit ...

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A system and method for providing a multi-paneled hamper where adjacent panels are coupled to one another via an exposed hinge-like pivoting coupling.

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Clute-cut glove construction is disclosed comprising in part a bottom hand or palm piece including bottom finger pieces, and a separate back piece for each of the bottom finger pieces. Each back piece further comprises a finger portion and a hand portion. Illustratively, each finger portion of each ...

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A method for gripping a tubular in the construction and maintenance of oil and gas wells, the method comprising the steps of applying a gripping apparatus (150) to a surface of a tubular (TL), the gripping apparatus (150) comprising a t least one gripping element (152), characterised in that the gri ...

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A cut-resistant, machine knittable, composite yarn that utilizes a yarn or fiber strand or component of normal strength (no greater than 10 grams per denier tenacity) liquid crystal polymer, to provide a composite yarn of comparable high cut-resistance to composite yarns of similar construction that ...