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A method for processing a substrate is provided which includes generating a meniscus on the surface of the substrate and applying photolithography light through the meniscus to enable photolithography processing of a surface of the substrate.

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An apparatus for producing a planar plasma in a low pressure process gas includes a chamber and an external planar coil. Radiofrequency resonant current is induced in the planar coil which in turn produces a planar magnetic field within the exclosure. The magnetic field causes circulating flux of el ...

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A plasma cleaning method for removing residues previously formed in a plasma treatment chamber by dry etching layers such as photoresist, barriers, etc., on a wafer. The method includes introducing a cleaning gas mixture of an oxidizing gas and a chlorine containing gas into the chamber followed by ...

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An electrode assembly for a plasma reactor, such as a plasma etch or plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor, comprises an electrode plate having a support frame attached to one surface thereof. The electrode plate is composed of a substantially pure material which is compatible with a par ...

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A vacuum processing chamber having a substrate support removably mounted therein. The chamber includes an opening in a sidewall thereof and the opening is large enough to allow the substrate support to be removed from the chamber through the opening. A modular mounting arrangement extends through th ...

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A plasma processing system includes a plasma reactor, a first power circuit, a second power circuit and a feedback circuit. The first power circuit supplies a first radio frequency (rf) energy to the plasma reactor that is suitable for creating a direct current bias on a workpiece positioned within ...

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A method for filling a trench in a semiconductor wafer that is disposed in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber. The method includes the step of depositing a protection layer of silicon dioxide over the wafer and into the trench while the wafer is biased at a first RF bias level. The ...

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A plasma processing chamber incorporating parallel plate electrodes whose separation may be mechanically adjusted from the outside thereof. The chamber includes a sealable assembly including an electrode housing and a reaction chamber body. The body includes an aperture to receive a planar surfaced ...

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The invention relates to a temperature sensing system that accurately measures temperatures of articles or areas using a contact sensor even in a high radio frequency environment. The temperature sensing system includes a sensor probe that contacts with an article or area that is to have its tempera ...

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A gas distribution system for uniformly or non-uniformly distributing gas across the surface of a semiconductor substrate. The gas distribution system includes a support plate and a showerhead which are secured together to define a gas distribution chamber therebetween. A baffle assembly including o ...