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An image processing apparatus coupling at least two image processing systems connected to a network. The network couples image information to each system, and each system displays at least one image. Each system includes a communication unit and a control unit. The communication unit couples informa ...

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A method for forming a fine-textured titanium nitride film and fine-textured titanium nitride/thin titanium silicide films, and methods for fabricating semiconductor elements utilizing the same are disclosed. A thin titanium silicide film and a fine-textured nitride film are formed on a semiconducto ...

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A semiconductor device is disclosed including a first insulating film having a contact hole and being formed on a substrate. A first impurity region is formed in the active layer on the bottom of the contact hole, and a second impurity region is formed in the active layer on the first insulating fil ...

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A thick oxide layer is formed over a drain region of an MOS transistor while a thin oxide layer is provided over the source and channel regions. As a result both improved current driving ability and reduced gate induced drain leakage current are achieved.

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A microwave heating apparatus is disclosed. The microwave heating apparatus includes: a rectifying section for rectifying an AC current; an inverting section for being turned on/off by the driving signals of a driving section to generate high frequency voltages corresponding to the output signals of ...

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An apparatus for removing bubbles in a filter housing of a coating equipment includes a cover coupled to the filter housing and including a bottom, an inlet portion, an outlet portion, and a drain portion, the bottom of the cover having an inclined surface at an angle, wherein the drain portion is a ...