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An endotract antenna used for hyperthermia treatments. A microwave radiation antenna is surrounded by a balloon-like member made of a thin polymeric film. Tubes for feeding and draining a cooling liquid to and from the inside of the balloon-like member enable the device to effectively warm an endotr ...

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Disclosed is a composite implant material comprising a sintered apatite material and a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin. Said composite material is prepared by forming a sintered apatite material and filling or impregnating a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin into the pores or holes of the si ...

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A photochromic lens is composed of a lens member made of a lens resin; and a photochromic layer applied on at least one side of the lens member and formed of a resin of a three-dimensional network structure. The layer-forming resin contains a spirooxazine compound represented by the following genera ...

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By maintaining an arylenesulfide prepolymer with a melt viscosity of 5 to 3,000 poise at a temperature of 245.degree. to 290.degree. C. under a liquid-liquid two-phase separated state in a solvent for 1 to 50 hours, the molecular weight of said prepolymer is increased to a high to ultra-high value w ...

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A capacitor discharge circuit constructed by a combination of a mechanical switch and an electronic switch. The electronic switch is automatically turned on with a predetermined time delay after closing of the mechanical switch. The mechanical switch is used to completely separate a high voltage-lar ...

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A medical electrode device comprises a flexible bag-like member which is formed on the side in direct contact with a living body and to and from which is charged and discharged a cooling medium, and a flexible electrode secured to the bag-like member, wherein an inner surface of the flexible bag-lik ...

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A key board switch comprising a multi-piezoelectric polymer film element A having, in the surface of the polymer film, a plurality of piezoelectric unit elements satisfying the following criteria: (a) the unit elements have electrodes on both surfaces thereof, (b) the portions of the polymer film of ...

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A piezoelectric-type electroacoustic transducer composed of two convex or concave piezoelectric polymer films each having electrodes on both surfaces thereof, said two polymer films being so connected to electric wiring that, when the one of the piezoelectric polymer films elongates by the action of ...

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An electrostatic type, electroacoustic transducer having excellent acoustic characteristics is composed of an piezoelectric film of a polyvinylidene fluorine resin having an electroconductive material on the opposite surfaces of the film.