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An enzymatic transesterification method for preparing a margarine oil having both low trans- acid and low intermediate chain fatty acid content is disclosed. The method includes the steps of providing a transesterification reaction mixture containing a stearic acid source material and an edible liqu ...

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A lightweight plastic jar having outwardly convex front end and back walls, each having a relatively large radius of curvature, and a pair of side walls having relatively large planar portions capable of controlled inward deflection to accommodate decreases in the interior volume of the jar. The jar ...

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Microfragmented ionic polysaccharide/protein complex dispersions which are suitable for use as fat substitute compositions in food products such as ice cream, salad dressings, dips, spreads and sauces and methods for preparing such dispersions and food products.

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A method is disclosed for producing infusion coffee filter packs in which a first strip of filter paper is placed adjacent to a mold having a cylindrical mold pocket, and the strip of filter paper is caused, either mechanically or by a vacuum, to conform to the cylindrical mold pocket. The conformin ...

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A food product container comprising upstanding front and back walls, a pair of upstanding side walls, a generally horizontal bottom and an upper mouth portion having a shoulder area sloping downwardly therefrom, wherein the front and back walls have recesses therein which are configured to cooperate ...

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Disclosed is packaging which includes two separate compartments, a first compartment for storing a flowable product such as cheese spread, and a second compartment for storing a solid product such as crackers. The first compartment, housing the flowable product, includes a lid having a scored portio ...

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A method and apparatus for applying a pair of continuous narrow interengageable strips of reclosable fastener material to a web of film material in line with horizontal form, fill and seal apparatus to provide a reclosable package. The fastener material is secured within a longitudinal fold in the w ...

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An antioxidant free, stable, fixed flavor is prepared from a mixture of flavor, maltose, malto-dextrin and a carbohydrate film former by spray-drying the mixture to form a dense product of at least 0.5 g/cc bulk free flow density and less than 20% voids, which is stable against oxidation for one yea ...

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The present invention is directed to a method for preparing a low fat or substantially fat-free food product such as pourable dressings and viscous dressings. The method includes the steps of heating and repeatedly shearing at least two times an aqueous dispersion consisting of from about 3 to about ...

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A reclosable container for sliced food products having a one-piece container body and integral hinge and lid. The front wall of the container body is provided with a forward protrusion to facilitate removal of a desired number of slices. A locking mechanism enables the lid to be locked in closed pos ...