COCKLIN Simon, KORTAGERE Sandhya, SMITH Amos B III: Modulateurs à petite molécule de stabilité de capside de vih-1 et procédés pour ceux-ci, Small-molecule modulators of hiv-1 capsid stability and methods thereof. Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation, The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania, COCKLIN Simon, KORTAGERE Sandhya, SMITH Amos B III, ALLEN Justin C, November 10, 2011: WO/2011/139637

The present invention includes a method of treating or preventing a viral infection in a subject, comprising the step of administering to the subject a pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more of the compounds useful within the invention.

KORTAGERE Sandhya, KUZHIKANDAHIL Eldo V: Nouveaux agonistes du récepteur dopaminergique d3 pour traiter la dyskinésie dans la maladie de parkinson, Novel d3 dopamine receptor agonists to treat dyskinesia in parkinsons disease. Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation, University Of Medicine And Dentistry New Jersey Medical School, KORTAGERE Sandhya, KUZHIKANDAHIL Eldo V, SILVA Domingos J, February 16, 2012: WO/2012/021629

The present invention provides a method of inhibiting, suppressing or preventing levodopa-induced dyskinesia in a patient suffering from Parkinson's Disease, comprising the step of administering to the patient a pharmaceutical composition comprising at least one compound of the invention. The presen ...