Yoshiaki Kimura, Yasuhiko Tanaka: Purging system for ink jet recording apparatus. Konishiroku Photo, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, December 10, 1985: US04558326 (255 worldwide citation)

In an ink jet recording apparatus of the ink-on demand type, the recording ink is forcibly sent from a pressure chamber in the recording head to nozzles which jet the recording ink onto a recording medium. An ink cartridge is a closed-up rigid body having an opening therein which permits gas to flow ...

Masakazu Fukuchi, Kiyoshi Akazawa, Masahiko Matsunawa, Hiroshi Niki, Shunji Matsuo, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Yoshinori Abe: Image processing method and image forming apparatus. Konishiroku Photo, Jordan B Bierman, April 25, 1989: US04825246 (126 worldwide citation)

An image processing method and apparatus wherein document information is separated by using an optical device into two colors that are complementary to each other, converted photo-electrically and processed by using a photo-electric conversion device, and extracted on the basis of the result of proc ...

Yoshiaki Kimura, Yasuhiko Tanaka: Ink-jet recording apparatus. Konishiroku Photo, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, August 5, 1986: US04604633 (121 worldwide citation)

An ink-jet recording apparatus having a detecting means for detecting ink pressure or an ink-residual quantity in the ink supply. The detecting means has a light shielding means coupled to the flexible diaphragm of the ink supply so as to be movable responsive to deformation of the flexible diaphrag ...

Ryosuke Sato, Yuji Hotta, Katsumi Matsuura: Silver halide photographic material. Konishiroku Photo, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, October 11, 1983: US04409323 (82 worldwide citation)

A silver halide photographic material containing a coupler capable of releasing a photographically useful group in a controllable timing.

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A method of discriminating pictures, wherein a picture is binary-coded. The variation in the number of foreground pixels constituting foreground pixel regions within a discrimination unit area is determined. Alternatively the variation in the distance between said foreground pixel regions is determi ...

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Disclosed is an aqueous ink composition useful for ink jet printing, which comprises 2-12 wt % of a water soluble dye, 35-80 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol having 2-6 carbon atoms.

Toner for use in developing electrostatic images. Konishiroku Photo, July 14, 1976: GB1442835-A (66 worldwide citation)

1442835 Toner compositions KONISHIROKU PHOTO INDUSTRY CO Ltd 19 Oct 1973 [21 Oct 1972 23 Oct 1972] 48920/73 Heading C3P [Also in Divisions G2-G3] Toners for developing electrostatic images comprise (a) a colouring agent, (b) a styrene polymer and (c) polyethylene or polypropylene, optionally togethe ...

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A method of purging or cleaning ink passages of an ink jet recording device of the type in which a series of ink droplets is ejected from an orifice of a printing head towards a recording medium by the volume displacement of a pressure chamber provided in the printing head, including the steps of ap ...

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A photosensitive element for electrophotography which comprises a conductive support, a charge generating layer containing a charge generating substance, and a charge transporting layer. The element comprises a polymeric binder containing a charge transporting substance represented by the formula (I ...

Hisashi Shoji: Multicolor image forming method and apparatus. Konishiroku Photo, Jordan B Bierman, January 16, 1990: US04894685 (61 worldwide citation)

A multicolor image forming method and apparatus wherein a reference toner image is formed on a non-transfer portion of an image retainer by a developing device, and image forming conditions are set in accordance with the reflective density of the reference toner image. The reference toner image is a ...