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A system includes means for creating a vocabulary and/or statistical language model from a textual training corpus. The vocabulary and/or language model are used in a pattern recognition system, such as a speech recognition system or a handwriting recognition system, for recognizing a time-sequentia ...

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A wireless remote control unit (60) that operates in the radio frequency bandwidth is used for interfacing with a sequence control system (B) and an image processing system (C) from within a magnetic resonance suite (A) in the presence of a magnetic field produced by a main magnet assembly (10). The ...

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In a diagnostic system, having a rotating gantry (24) and a stationary gantry (22), a bearing race (50) rotates with surface portions having varying linear velocities in accordance with distance from an axis (A) of rotation. Tapered roller bearings (46) interface the bearing race (50) and are conica ...

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An ultrasound probe includes a transducer array which is moved back and forth to sweep the image plane of the array through a volumetric region for 3D scanning. The transducer array is mounted on a carriage assembly which moves back and forth on a pair of rails inside a fluid compartment in the prob ...

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A nuclear camera (10) includes a plurality of detector heads (12) which have collimators (14) for fixing the trajectory along which radiation is receivable. A rotating gantry (22) rotates the detector heads around the subject collecting less than 360° of data, e.g., 204° of data. A zero-filling proc ...

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When a program of a certain duration is converted into compressed data (encoded), it is desirable for the total number of data to fit in an available data space, for example, when recorded on an information carrier. More particularly in variable bit rate compression such as a video signal via MPEG-2 ...


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A digital signal is interleaved by delaying samples thereof by an integral number times a unit delay in accordance with a cyclically repeated delay pattern (AL

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An electrophoretic display comprises a pixel which has a pixel volume comprising a reservoir volume and an image volume. Particles which have different colors and different electrophoretic mobilities are present in the pixel volume. An amount of the particles present in the image volume determines a ...