Erwin Meinders
Theodorus Franciscus Emilius M, Aeneas Fletterman, Elmo Marcus Attila Diederiks, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Edwin Van Lier, Ralph Hubert Peters, Josephus Hubertus Eggen, Rosendaal Wilhelmus Joseph: Display apparatus. Koninkl Philips Electronics, January 7, 2004: EP1379082-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A display apparatus comprising a display unit further comprises at least one controllable illumination unit for providing a background light having a controllable color.







Erwin Meinders
Lankhorst Martijn H R, Meinders Erwin R, Wolters Robertus A M, Widdershoven Franciscus P: Electric device comprising phase change material. Koninkl Philips Electronics, wangbei bei, April 23, 2008: CN200580009536

The electric device (100) according to the invention has a resistor comprising a layer (7, 107) of a phase change material which is changeable between a first phase with a first electrical resistivity and a second phase with a second electrical resistivity different from the first electrical resisti ...

Erwin Meinders
Diederiks Elmo M A, Meinders Erwin R, E Fanleer: Method of and system for controlling an ambient light and lighting unit. Koninkl Philips Electronics, zou guangxin chen jingjun, September 7, 2005: CN03815495

The invention describes relates to the on-line analysis of a video signal that is presented to the user, typically on a screen (110). This analysis results in an adaptation of the lighting. One or more characteristics of the signal are filtered out and translated into lighting settings of one or mor ...