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A plug-type hearing device comprising a sound-leading portion being inserted into the auditory miatus, a first envelope attached around the sound-leading portion, a second envelope being positioned at the outside of the auditory miatus and being communicated with the first envelope through a pipe, a ...

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In a method of preparing an antithrombogenic medical material having a heparinized collagen as an antithrombogenic component, there is provided a method comprising the steps of fixing a protamine to a collagen through a polyepoxy compound, and heparinizing the collagen by fixing heparin to the prota ...

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The present invention relates to a sustained release formulation used for treatment or prevention of the diseases, which contains a therapeutically effective substance as an active ingredient, collagen as a drug carrier, and glycosaminoglycan as an additive. The formulation allows controlled release ...

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An impermeable laminated membrane, constructed by the superposition of a silicone rubber membrane on a fluoro-rubber membrane, is disclosed.

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A surgical balloon which is provided with a plurality of balloons so that a fixing property and a shielding property are simultaneously satisfied, and prevents a liquid or a gas from flowing from one area in the body to another area thereof. The surgical balloon is further provided with a balloon fi ...

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Artificial bone is prepared from animal bone treated for removal of organics, burned, baked and immersed in atelocollagen solution.

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A catheter apparatus with occlusion and flow diverting valve means for controlling the flow of fluid into a tube including a conduit to lead fluid into cylindrical tube, a bag-like member made of resilient material and arranged to close an opening of the top of the conduit, a valve means provided on ...

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This invention relates to a hemostatic agent used in surgical operations, which can be produced in two ways: one blending collagen/gelatin with protamine, the other blending collagen/gelatin with protamine and a bi-functional cross-linking agent so as to make said collagen/gelatin have a covalent bo ...

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A bioprosthetic valve made from a biological tissue containing collagen which has been cross-linked with a polyepoxy compound is disclosed. The valve has excellent biocompatibility and is durable and is free from calcification.

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The medical material contains heparinized collagen in which heparin has been bonded to protamine covalently fixed on collagen, and, owing to its excellent compatibility with living bodies, especially, its superb antithrombotic property, can be suitably used as a substituent material for tissues or o ...