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There is provided an α-β type titanium alloy having a normal-temperature strength equivalent to, or exceeding that of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy generally used as a high-strength titanium alloy, and excellent in hot workability including hot forgeability and subsequent secondary workability, and capable of b ...

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A diamond film FET according to the present invention comprises a semiconducting diamond layer, a gate, a source, and a drain, wherein said semiconducting diamond layer comprises a semiconducting highly-oriented diamond film grown by chemical vapor deposition, and at least 80% of the surface area of ...

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A diamond semiconductor device with a carbide interlayer includes a diamond layer having a semiconducting diamond region of first conductivity type therein and an insulated gate structure on a face of the diamond layer. The relatively thin carbide interfacial layer is provided between the insulated ...

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In a heat exchanger comprising a plurality of first heat-transfer elements (A) for a fluid of higher temperature and second heat-transfer elements (B) for a fluid of lower temperature joined alternately and adjacently and a suitable number of appropriately shaped fins disposed within said elements a ...

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A chemical sensor includes a diode or a transistor fabricated in diamond. A diamond-based diode chemical sensor includes a first diamond layer of first conductivity type and a second diamond or non-diamond layer of second conductivity type. A relatively highly doped region is formed in the first dia ...

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A combustion method which can reduce the emission of NOx and smoke. In sharp contrast to the conventional combustion method, the method of the invention can remarkably reduce the emission of both of NOx and the smoke simultaneously, by adopting a specific flow pattern of fuel and combustion air in t ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a titanium alloy for a golf club in which impact resilience can be made higher, and which has strength required for a golf club at minimum, and to provide a golf club obtained by using the titanium alloy.SOLUTION: The titanium alloy for a golf club comprises 12 to 20 ...

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A hard film for cutting tools which is composed of (Ti1-a-b-c-d' Ala' Crb, Sic, Bd)(C1-eNe) 0.5 0 (where a, b, c, and d denote respectively the atomic ratios of Al, Cr, Si, and B, and e denotes the atomic ratio of N.)

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To enable positive management of construction machines in a management center. There comprises an construction machine 1, and a management apparatus 20 for carrying out the transmission and reception of information with the construction machine 1 through a communication satellite 30 and a base stati ...