Hiroji Kitagawa: Clamping device for cables and the like. Kitagawa, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik, February 10, 1981: US04250348 (185 worldwide citation)

A locking device is disclosed, which comprises a hollow cylindrical body having a plurality of annularly disposed independent gripping pieces projected from one end thereof and a clamping pipe threadably engageable about the outer periphery of the cylindrical body about its side of the gripping piec ...

Kenkichi Itoh, Takao Matsui, Toshio Murakami: Cable clamp. Kitagawa, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, June 2, 1987: US04669688 (104 worldwide citation)

A cable clamp of the present invention comprises a base having a fixing portion on the lower surface, a flat clamp rockingly connected to the base, and a means for locking a distal end of the flat clamp to the base engageably or disengageably. The cable clamp retains electric wires between the base ...

Kazuhiro Matsui: Electric wire bundle clamp. Kitagawa, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, September 2, 1986: US04609171 (90 worldwide citation)

An electric wire bundle clamp having a mounting base, an elastic curved member provided on the mounting base so as to be integral at one end thereof with the mounting base and open at the other end, and a retaining portion formed on the mounting base for retaining the open end of the elastic curved ...

Hiroji Kitagawa: Flat cable clamp. Kitagawa, Wegner & Bretschneider, July 3, 1984: US04457482 (83 worldwide citation)

A flat cable clamp for mounting a desired number of piled flat cables. The clamp is provided with a contact board formed integral with the clamp body and to be brought into contact with the top flat cable. The contact board can be resiliently displaced via resilient members in the repulsive directio ...

Kazuhiro Matsui: Shower head. Kitagawa, Davis Bujold & Streck, September 6, 1994: US05344080 (81 worldwide citation)

The shower head is composed of a spray head disposed at the forward end of a spray housing, a distributor disposed in the spray housing and having first and second supply openings, and a selector. By rotating the spray housing, the selector can be moved axially in the distributor. The shower head al ...

Akio Yamaguchi: Conductive cable sheath. Kitagawa, Oliff & Berridge, April 24, 1990: US04920235 (51 worldwide citation)

A conductive sheath for electrical cable including fasteners with hooks that hold together a conductive shield. This design accommodates all cables bundle diameters and is easily installed even after the cables have already been installed.

Yasuo Yamazaki: Electric noise absorber. Kitagawa, Davis Bujold & Streck, October 11, 1994: US05355109 (50 worldwide citation)

A noise absorber that can be securely attached around electric wires of various diameters and types, and can be firmly closed without any electric wire caught between the ferrite parts. Wire supports are erected at both sides of a wire-receiving through hole on the inner surfaces of opposed walls of ...

Tsutomu Kawai: Base mounting structure. Kitagawa, Davis and Bujold, December 26, 2000: US06164603 (45 worldwide citation)

A base mounting structure which can easily be mounted in a minimal operation space with a minimal protrusion from the underside of a board. The base mounting structure is provided with first and second mounting portions 17 and 27 protruding downwardly and outwardly from opposite ends 14 and 24 of a ...

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Described herein is a light emitting diode holder, including a seat block with lead wire holes widened toward the top surface of the block, and confronting pairs of gripper arms on opposite sides of the seat block and provided with locking projections at the upper ends thereof. The LED holder permit ...

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A holding unit for holding one or a plurality of tools and articles comprising a holding portion having resilient thin plates or segments divided by a plurality of radially extended slits at a predetermined angular distance and arranged in a ring or in an elliptical form, the envelope of the extreme ...