Jacques Duparre, Dan Lelescu, Kartik Venkataraman: Array cameras incorporating monolithic array camera modules with high MTF lens stacks for capture of images used in super-resolution processing. KIP PELI P1, KPPB, December 6, 2016: US09516222 (25 worldwide citation)

A variety of optical arrangements and methods of modifying or enhancing the optical characteristics and functionality of these optical arrangements are provided. The optical arrangements being specifically designed to operate with camera arrays that incorporate an imaging device that is formed of a ...

Andrew Kenneth John McMahon, Kartik Venkataraman: Systems and methods for image data compression. KIP PELI P1, KPPB, December 13, 2016: US09521416 (23 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for image data compression in an array camera are disclosed. An array camera includes a processor, an array of cameras, and a compression module. The compression module is configured to receive image data from the array of pixels of a focal plane in a sequentially linear group of ...

Kartik Venkataraman, Semyon Nisenzon, Dan Lelescu: Systems and methods for decoding image files containing depth maps stored as metadata. KIP PELI P1, KPPB, January 3, 2017: US09536166 (22 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention are configured to render images using light field image files containing an image synthesized from light field image data and metadata describing the image that includes a depth map. One embodiment of the invention includes a proces ...

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