Masatoshi Kasama, Kohzo Nakai: Locking means for a fixing band of a diving mask. Kinugawa Pacific Kabushiki Kaisha, Lowe King Price & Becker, July 9, 1985: US04527292 (15 worldwide citation)

A locking means for a fixing band of diving mask which can fasten or release the fixing band as a fastening member to which one end of the fixing band is connected is inserted into or removed from a mask frame by one action. The locking means comprises two main portions: holders provided at the both ...

Masatoshi Kasama: Clasp for swimming article. Kinugawa Pacific Kabushiki Kaisha, McGlew and Tuttle, June 28, 1983: US04389756 (8 worldwide citation)

A clasp used with a swimming article for tightening a strap wherein the clasp comprises two main portions: a frame member formed of a resilient material having longitudinal recesses along two opposite sides of the frame member and having two cutaway portions formed on the same sides of the plane of ...

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