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The improved creped non-laminar singular web structure comprising long fibers and short fibers demonstrated by high TWA and Z peeling. Creping causes a certain portion of long synthetic fibers and short fibers to substantially be oriented in a predetermined vertical or Z direction across the thickne ...

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Disclosed is a method for reducing the moisture content of a paper web in a papermaking process from in the range of 10% to 32% dry to the range of 33% to 50% dry wherein the embryonic web is supported on a knuckled through drier fabric and lightly pressed between the knuckled through drier fabric a ...

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A centerflow dispenser for dispensing saturated wipers is disclosed which includes a dispensing nozzle affixed to the container of wet wipes. The nozzle has included therewith a rotatable dispensing disk through which the rolled web is dispensed. The rotatable disk has a dispensing orifice therethro ...

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A roll towel dispenser is operative to deliver and sever sheets of web from a roll of towel. The dispenser comprises a housing defining a compartment in which the roll of towel is maintained. A drive roller is supported by a frame attached to the housing. Cutting means interconnected with the drive ...

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A panel of a material is transported in operative proximity to an air knife having a nozzle and a curved Coanda surface, such that the panel is folded over the curved Coanda surface as the material is transported in a machine direction. The panel can be folded to a variety of angles and can comprise ...