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A plaster frame has a breakaway zone which extends between a hole in the frame and a periphery of the frame. When the breakaway zone is removed, the frame may now be inserted through a hole in a ceiling which is approximately the same size as the hole in the plaster frame. An open bottom lighting ho ...

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A microwave cookware comprising a body and a browning portion having a cooking surface and a separate heat absorbing body. The heat absorbing body is in contact with a heating matrix which absorbs microwave energy such that increased amount of heat is retained for transfer to the cooking surface.

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The food processor includes a housing having a motor chamber disposed alongside of a food processing bowl thereby materially decreasing the overall height of the apparatus. A lid is removably attached to the bowl and when properly in position, actuates a motor control switch on the housing whereby t ...

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A luminaire having a post and arm whose external surfaces are generally similar in cross-section. The arm extends away from the post and has a window through which light from a lamp passes. The lamp and associated circuit means are on a mount which is engageable by a tracer means of which internal p ...

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A nozzle for an architectural fountain which has fixed deflector surfaces that produce a plume divided into well-aerated drops of substantial size.

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An electronic controller (10) for a rotary cooking machine of the type having a cooking vessel rotatable about its longitudinal axis, a drive motor (34) for rotating the cooking vessel, a heating element (32) disposed adjacent the cooking vessel for heating the contents thereof, and a temperature pr ...

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An electrical junction assembly is disclosed for electrically coupling mating bus bars of two adjacent tracks having single or double sets of bus bars. The assembly may contain the electrical conductors for supplying current to the bus bars. The assembly may be L, I, T or X-shaped. The assembly is r ...

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A luminaire for use in parking garages having a vertical reference axis, a horizontal driving lane axis, and a horizontal parking stall axis. The resulting asymmetry is such that there is a substantially greater throw of light along the parking stall axis than along the driving lane axis, with impro ...

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A task lighting apparatus produces glare-free illumination of a work area. The apparatus includes a light source, a reflector and light-directing louvers to provide a controlled light pattern of high illumination levels and high efficiency. The apparatus has a compact size and shape which enables it ...

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A frame attached to a ceiling supports a horizontally reciprocal carriage. A light fixture is supported by the carriage. A flexible conductor has one end connected to the fixture and an intermediate portion extending around a part of said carriage so that movement of the carriage in one direction lo ...