Nicholas G Lazaris, Roderick H Beaulieu: Beverage filter cartridge holder. Keuring Incorporated, Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, November 11, 2003: US06644173 (84 worldwide citation)

A beverage is brewed by infusing heated liquid with a dry beverage medium contained in a first chamber of a disposable cartridge. The cartridge is internally subdivided by a permeable filter separating the first chamber from a second chamber, with both chambers being closed by piercable lid on one s ...

DELAYED FILL OF BEVERAGE MACHINE HEATER TANK. Keuring Incorporated, September 18, 2014: US20140272023-A1

A beverage forming method and system in which a heater tank can be filled with liquid to an expansion level after a beverage is formed. The liquid in the heater tank may be heated, causing expansion of the liquid in the tank. Thereafter, a volume of liquid may be delivered to the tank to fill the ta ...

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