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Production of a chemically modified, crosslinkable, telopeptide-containing, naturally crosslinked, solubilized collagen from tissue obtained from a sole human donor, for implanting in the same donor, by chemically modifying the tissue, e.g. by acylation and/or esterification, to form an autoimplanta ...



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An intraocular lens having a lens body having a positioning opening (30) therein adapted to receive the working tip of a surgical instrument used to manipulate the lens for seating in the eye. The opening is in the form of a blind bore, the bottom wall surface of which is masked by being frosted or ...

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A two-piece intraocular lens assembly to be implanted within an eye through a minimum size incision into the eye includes a lens optic (10) and a frame assembly (20). The lens optic is flexible and includes radially directed tabs (16) extending from its peripheral edge. The frame assembly, according ...



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An injector head (2) forming a hollow cone (3) of spreadable leaves (6) is partially inserted into a minimum size eye incision to inject a temporarily folded intraocular lens (11) into the eye without stressing the incision. An injector device (21) having a holder (22) with a bore (26) holding the l ...

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An intraocular lens (10) for implantation within an eye after cataract surgery. The intraocular lens has a haptic (16) having an elongated gently curving seating portion (16b) having a free end (16c) and a weakened (F2) portion about which such seating portion pivots. The weakened portion (F2,X,Y,Z) ...

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An intraocular lens (10) suitable for use in the posterior chamber of a human eye with position-fixation legs (12, 13) suitable for individually making contact with the ciliary sulcus of the eye at two spaced points (20, 14 and 21, 16) thereof. The legs preferably are of polymethylmethacrylate with ...