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There is provided a semiconductor memory circuit, which is capable of changing the number of bits of one word thereof and of switching between a RAM function and a FIFO function, by an external control signal (FOM), changing an effective data length and an effective address length on the basis of th ...


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A process and an equipment for micro-pattern forming on the surface of a rolling roll (1), and a metallic thin sheet and preparation thereof by transfering the micro-pattern on the surface by use of the roll are provided. Such a rolling roll can be attained by a method wherein resin film (28) mixed ...

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A porcelain enameled steel sheet comprises an aluminum/zinc alloy-plated steel sheet and a porcelain enamel coating layer as the upper most layer of the steel sheet, wherein an interstitial layer having good adhesion to the plating layer and the enamel coating layer is sandwiched between these two l ...



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A method of reducing widths of hot slabs by pressing with a pair of anvils. Each the anvil is formed with an entrance inclined portion having an inclined angle more than 10 DEG but less than 18 DEG on an entrance side of the hot slabs relative to an advancing direction of the hot slabs and with a pa ...

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In a method of manufacturing an insulating film of a semiconductor device by a chemical vapor deposition, a surface of a semiconductor wafer is treated with an organic compound such as ethanol and methanol, and then the semiconductor wafer is transported into a reaction chamber and an insulating fil ...

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Martensitic stainless steels that enable the fabrication of high-strength seamless steel pipe suited for use in oil-well pipe and pipeline tubing by means of a Mannesmann plug mill or Mannesmann mandrel mill process, without the formation of defects during production. The heat workability of these s ...

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A method of producing a high-strength high-toughness martensitic stainless steel seamless pipe which includes heating a martensitic stainless steel raw material to an austenitic range and subjecting the raw material to piercing and elongating to form an original pipe. The original pipe is cooled to ...