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Disclosed is an integrated antenna array comprising a plurality of interleaved sub-arrays separately controllable and responding to either the same or separate frequency bands. Both arrays operate with substantially the same phase center and substantially within the same effective aperture. The firs ...

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An improved high frequency filter displays the following features: the high frequency filter displays transmission behavior with a coupling impedance resonance having at least one blocking point at a frequency, the blocking point at the frequency being adjustable by presetting and/or preselecting a ...

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The satellite reception system has a controlled head station with a converter (16) employing a number of converter modules (17,18), receiving satellite transmission programmes within a respective reception plane. The outputs of the converter modules are fed to a number of subscribers (45) via an out ...

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The invention relates to an enhanced dual polarized antenna system for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves whose cruciform transmitter module is directed at an angle of + 45 DEG and -45 DEG in relation to the vertical and consequently in relation to a preferably horizontal cross-section ...

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An improved radome comprises at least one conductive flat structure integrally incorporated in the material of the radome, which acts as a reflector for a mobile radio antenna at least partially enclosed within the radome.

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A multilayer antenna arrangement is distinguished in particular by the following features: a further patch antenna (B) comprising a dielectric carrier and a radiation plane is provided above the base portion or central portion of the patch arrangement, the radiation plane being provided on the upper ...

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An improved antenna includes a dielectric body arranged entirely or mostly (e.g., with more than 40% such as more than 50% or 60% of its volume and/or of its weight) underneath antenna radiating elements provided for lower frequency operation; and entirely, or mostly (e.g., 40%, 50% or 60% of its vo ...

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An improved tunable antenna of planar construction is distinguished by the following features: in plan view perpendicular to the effective surface (7), the electrically conductive structure (13, 113) completely or partially covers the effective surface (7), the electrically conductive structure (13, ...

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Disclosed are systems and methods which proactively determine particular access terminals which are compatible for simultaneous communication at a high data rate and preferred embodiments provide scheduling of simultaneous communications such that data communication is optimized. Preferred embodimen ...

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A multiband antenna has first and second antenna devices for transmitting or receiving. Each device has a dipole structure and associated dipole halves disposed opposite a base plate or reflector by baluns. The antenna devices are provided with a feed from a common antenna input line and a branch ci ...