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Disclosed are systems and methods which select multiple communication beams for simultaneous use such that potential scatters (e.g. reflectors) are not illuminated by simultaneous transmissions. Preferred embodiments of the present invention provide for maximizing aggregate throughput by continuousl ...

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An antenna array for simultaneous reception or for simultaneous transmission of electromagnetic waves having two linear, orthogonal polarizations has a decoupling device (17) between adjacent radiating element modules (1). This decoupling device is provided between two radiating element modules (1) ...

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Dual-polarized dipole radiator which comprises a plurality of individual dipoles which are preferably arranged upstream of a reflector (

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An improved radio-frequency phase shift assembly includes at least one further stripline section arranged concentrically with respect to a first stripline section. Further connection lines are provided, via which an electrical connection is produced at least indirectly from the feed line to the resp ...

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A multiband antenna has a first antenna device for a first frequency band range and at least one second antenna device for a second frequency band range. The first antenna and the at least second antenna are arranged such that they are integrated and interleaved in one another. The associated dipole ...

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Methods are provided for choosing mobile stations that have low cross correlations between their array response vectors, thereby minimizing inter-cell interference through uneven average reverse link data rates experienced by the mobile stations and minimizing intra-cell interference without explici ...

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The invention provides systems and methods for providing improved wireless data communication. Preferred embodiments of the present invention utilize multiple antenna beams in the forward link to provide increased forward link capacity and/or improved forward link signal quality. Multiple orthogonal ...

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Systems and methods providing analysis of channel characteristics for determining a optimum beam configuration for use therein are shown. Preferably, the direction and angle spread for subscriber units are determined in order to provide a beam for use therewith. According to a preferred embodiment, ...

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The present invention is directed to wireless communication, and more particularly, to providing improved signal quality using antenna beam selection and/or switching techniques. Embodiments of the present invention may measure the carrier-to-interference (C/I) level for each channel and for each an ...

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An improved dual-polarized dipole antenna has two orthogonal parallel dipoles of a dipole square fed by a feeder point on one of the dipoles. Starting from said feeder point, a connection cable to the feeder point on the respective orthogonal parallel dipole of the dipole square is laid and is elect ...