Kashiwagi Yasuyo: Method for growing lawn grass using plant raising mat. Kashiwagi Yasuyo, March 23, 1999: JP1999-075531

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily grow lawn grass uniformly on the ground surface so as to be sufficiently protected even if subjected to impact by e.g. golf clubs. SOLUTION: This method for growing lawn grass using a plant raising mat comprises as follows: under a plant penetrative three-dimensionall ...

Aoyama Yukihisa, Kashiwagi Yasuyo: Plant cultivation mat. Tic, Kashiwagi Yasuyo, September 25, 2001: JP2001-258387

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a plant cultivation mat, realizing excellent water holding ability and water absorptivity, and also capable of growing plants in a comfortable environment, and mass-producible at an extremely low cost by effectively reusing wasted scraps of woven fabrics which have b ...

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