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Specific zeolite particles retaining therein a metal ion having a bactericidal activity are packed and retained in a mixed fiber assembly composed of low-melting thermoplastic synthetic fibers and ordinary fibers. The zeolite particles are retained by welding of the low-temperature thermoplastic syn ...

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A polymer article containing zeolite particles on which metal ion having a bactericidal property, e.g. Ag, Cu or Zn, is provided by an ion exchange reaction shows an excellent bactericidal effect and durability of the effect, but no deterioration of physical properties of the polymer.

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A colorless liquid crystalline compound having at least one 6-membered ring and non-cyclic end groups in the molecular skelton, said 6-membered containing two or more carbon atoms, at least one of which is directly bonded to a methylene group of a non-cyclic group having an alkoxy group at another e ...

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A cleaning solution for semiconductor substrates comprising a nonionic surface active agent of the formula (1) and/or the formula (2), a chelating agent and a chelating accelerator: CH3—(CH2)l—O—(CmH2mO)n—X   (1) wherein l, m and n independently represent a positive number, and X represents a hydrog ...

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There is proposed a negative-working photoresist coating composition of an improved resolution, which comprises a cyclized polyisoprene having a weight-average molecular weight of 10,000 to 100,000 and a molecular weight distribution of not more than 1.9, an organic solvent of the cyclized polyisopr ...

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The present invention provides an air-operated valve diagnosing method, an air-operated valve diagnosing device and an air-operated valve. The air-operated valve diagnosing method for determining movement states of an air-operated valve (10) comprises a preparation process, the first process and a d ...

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The patent provides a liquid composition which is thereby possible to effectively remove particles and metals on the surface of a hydrophobic substrate without corroding it. The washing liquid composition for a semiconductor substrate having a contact angle between the surface thereof and water drop ...

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Printed wiring board is mfd. by (a) forming holes(3) as read. in a Cu-clad laminate; (b) pretreating for electroless plating, forming a catalytic layer (4) on hole walls and cu foil (2); (c) forming an etch resist (5) on lands and circuits; (d) etching to remove exposed Cu foil; (e) melting off the ...

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A process for regenerating electroless plating (EP) bath comprises (i) continuously or intermittently discharging a portion(or whole) of EP soln. from electroless-Cu-plating bath contg. EDTA to separate/ eliminate the Cu ion, (ii) adjusting pH to below 4.0 to recover chelating agent(EDTA), (iii) pro ...