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In a translucent play ball, an improvement of apparatus for illuminating the play ball utilizes batteries and a lamp. The apparatus includes three compressible helical springs and a translucent casing for encapsulating the batteries, lamp and springs. The springs are compressed within the casing in ...

Kieves Raymond: Clamp arrangement. K Tel International, July 24, 1973: US3747170 (25 worldwide citation)

A clamp arrangement for detachably securing a device to a work surface which includes a resilient member having substantial length and width secured to the bottom of the housing of the device and within the limits of the housing. An upright member is connected to the central portion of the resilient ...

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A shoe device, such as a toy snow shoe, and a method of attaching a single continuous strap to a shoe member are disclosed. The shoe device includes a shoe member and a strap to a shoe member, attached in accordance with the method, so as to define a pair of retaining loops. By adjusting the size of ...

Kieves Garry: Shaft connection mechanism. K Tel International, May 22, 1973: US3734548 (21 worldwide citation)

Shaft connection mechanism for drivingly securing a device to a shaft in an appliance. The shaft is provided with a recessed portion adjacent an end. The end of the shaft has a non-circular configuration and the device has a non-circular opening adapted to pass over the shaft end and be retained in ...

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A storable combination dish rack and tray made unitarily from plastic and including at least three panels (preferably four) integrally hinged to one another, said panels being movable between a stored, folded position and a use, unfolded position. Support means provided on the upper surface of the p ...

Jeffrey M Koblick: Golf practice device. K tel International, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, September 21, 1976: US03981508 (4 worldwide citation)

The improved device disclosed herein is designed to permit both left and right handed golfers to practice their golf swings in a relatively restricted or confined area. The improved golf practice device includes a base having an upright center post. The base is adapted to be secured to the ground by ...

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An improved portable golf practice device includes a base with a pivotably attached arm. A freely slidable distance indicator and a spring biased slidable yoke are mounted on the arm. The yoke is mounted for pushing the indicator away from the point at which the arm pivots on the base. A cord and ba ...

Jeffrey M Koblick: Ski pole. K Tel International, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, November 8, 1977: US04057261 (2 worldwide citation)

An improved toy ski pole is disclosed. The improvement includes a grip assembly permitting replacement of the restraining strap, if torn or damaged, and basket assembly for securing a pair of ski poles together. The grip assembly locks the restraining strap to the hand grip and ski pole.

Kieves Garry: Cigarette container and dispenser. K Tel International, March 27, 1973: US3722746 (1 worldwide citation)

A cigarette container and dispenser which includes a housing having a tray for supporting cigarettes pivoted therein. An actuator for moving the tray is pivoted in the housing transverse to the tray. Guide means are provided in the housing for cooperating with the tray for moving cigarettes one at a ...

Cigarette container and dispenser. K Tel International, October 1, 1975: GB1408453-A (1 worldwide citation)

1408453 Cigarette dispensers K-TEL INTERNATIONAL Inc 14 Dec 1972 [17 Dec 1971] 58198/72 Heading B8P A cigarette dispenser feeds a cigarette to an opening 20 when a handle 18 is depressed and as the handle is released the cigarette is raised to a position C, Fig. 2, where it can be easily grasped. A ...