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1,183,868. Bearings. VSESOJUZNY NAUCHNO-ISSLEDOVATELSKY KONSTRUKTORSKOTEKHNOLOGISHESKY INSTITUT. 8 Dec., 1967, No. 55879/67. Heading F2A. A bearing for a gimbal pivot 4, Fig. 1, comprises an outer race 1, an inner race 3 and an intermediate race 2, a set of balls 5 positioned between the races 1 and ...


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Hypertensive mammals may be treated to lower mean blood pressure by administering a calcium channel blocking agent together with one or both of a calcium supplement and Vitamin D. The hypotensive effect of this combination is synergistic and the dose response is more predictable than the administrat ...

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A method and equipment for manufacturing paraffin wax-like substances are disclosed, wherein polyethylene or other organic solid matter is burnt to initiate pyrolytic reaction and molten product of pyrolysis is further pyrolytically decomposed for formation of paraffin wax-like substances which are ...

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The mechanical seal for sealing off a shaft relative to a housing (2) contains a sliding pair, the elements of which are an annular gland packing (7), which is accommodated in a seat (10) of a sprung, axially movable holder (9), and an inflexible ring (8). The inflexible ring (8), which is hermetica ...


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A pollen collecting entrance structure for a beehive comprising a base 11 for supporting a beehive, said base defining an accessway providing communication with the exterior of the base and the space, said space being in open communication with the beehive, a grid 21 removable mounted across the pat ...


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