Joseph E Radican: Container and inventory monitoring methods and systems. K & T of Lorain, Arter & Hadden, November 14, 2000: US06148291 (178 worldwide citation)

Container and inventory monitoring methods and systems provide detailed logistical control of containers, shipping racks and resident and in-transit inventory. The methods and systems create and maintain accurate real-time records of the location, movement and load status of containers, racks and in ...

Joseph E Radican: Container monitoring system and method. K&T, Calfee Halter & Griswold, January 27, 1998: US05712789 (117 worldwide citation)

A container monitoring system and method tracks location and load status of shipping containers within a defined premises and generates container status reports for customers receiving containers, suppliers or shippers of goods, and container carriers. Carrier and container identifiers are used to t ...

Peter K T Pang, Jie Shan: Parathyroid hormone analogues substituted at AA 25, 26, 27, and use in osteoporosis treatment. Peter K T Pang, Nikaido Marmelstein Murray & Oram, May 31, 1994: US05317010 (44 worldwide citation)

Analogues of bovine and human parathyroid hormone, wherein twenty-fifth, twenty-six and twenty-seventh positions of the natural hormone, Arg-Lys-Lys- each have been substituted with Ala, Asn, Asp, Cys, Gln, Glu, Gly, His, Ile, Leu, Met, Phe, Pro, Ser, Thr, Trp, Tyr or Val have been found to retain b ...

Oren Kozlovsky: Muscle building body adhering apparatus. K T S Development, Michael N Meller, August 11, 1998: US05792034 (43 worldwide citation)

Fitness apparatus including an upper body wearable protective shell formed of a generally planar web material, which is sufficiently flexible so as to be generally conformable to a user's body and generally impact resistant, a plurality of resiliently stretchable elongate elements mounted at first e ...

Janez Levec: Arrangement and process for oxidizing an aqueous medium. Mannesmann Aktiengesellschaft, K T I Group, Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane, July 27, 1999: US05928521 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process and apparatus for oxidizing an aqueous medium, which contains organic and/or oxidizable inorganic substances, at an increased temperature and an increased pressure for reducing the chemical oxygen demand of the aqueous medium to a predetermined desired leve ...

Albert N Kaufman: Double-pane window containing dry atmosphere and method for producing same. K T Corporation, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, March 2, 1976: US03940898 (36 worldwide citation)

A double-pane window containing a dry atmosphere is produced by placing two panes of transparent material in a spaced-apart relationship; a sealing means is placed about the periphery of the adjacent faces of the panes of transparent material to enclose a sealed area which is then evacuated and fill ...

Marcos A More: Medical and orthopedic support fabric. K T Medical, Bailey & Hardaway, March 6, 1990: US04905692 (31 worldwide citation)

A fabric for medical and orthopedic applications which may be cut by severence to desired shapes without significant raveling.

Susumu Kato, Masahito Ozawa, Sunao Muraoka: Apparatus and method for regulating pressure in two chambers. Tokyo Electron, Varian Japan K K T, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young L, June 22, 1999: US05913978 (29 worldwide citation)

A gas is supplied to a second chamber so that the pressure in the second chamber is raised to a predetermined level. A communication passage is provided for internally connecting the first and second chambers. When the pressure in the first chamber attains the predetermined level, the gas is allowed ...

Yasutami Muto, Kiyoshi Kohzuki: Automatic tightening method and apparatus. K T Mfg, Parkhurst & Oliff, September 30, 1986: US04614077 (23 worldwide citation)

An automatic tightening method comprises the steps of transferring a torque, generated in a driving section for a screw cap through a power transmission joint section to a container, thereby screw-tightening the screw cap in a tightening apparatus for screw-tightening the screw cap by a rotational t ...

Mordechay Herskowitz, Shimson Kogan: Catalyst for converting paraffinic hydrocarbon into corresponding olefin. Mannesman, K T I Group, Frishauf Holtz Goodman Langer & Chick P C, July 2, 2002: US06414209 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a calcinated catalyst for converting paraffinic hydrocarbon into corresponding olefin through dehydrogenation. The catalyst is an oxidic, heat-stable carrier material and contains a catalytic active constituent, which is applied on the carrier material and has the following ...

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