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A solid state radiation sensitive field emitter cathode comprising a single crystal semiconductor member having a body portion with a uniform array of closely spaced and very sharp electron emitting projections from one surface in the form of needles or whisker like members. Electrons are emitted in ...

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A method of forming a stator assembly for a dynamoelectric machine includes the steps of forming a continuous metal strip with stator slots along one peripheral edge and gear teeth along the other peripheral edge and then using a gear wheel engaging the gear teeth to drive the strip onto a former to ...

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A ceramic material includes at least 90% of a single phase silicon aluminum oxynitrite having the general formula:

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A starter motor for an internal combustion engine includes a shaft rotated by an electric motor, a pinion gear wheel carried by the shaft the gear wheel being rotated with the shaft and axially movable relative thereto between an operative position and a rest position, and an electro-magnet for movi ...

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A lighting system for a road vehicle has the projector for producing a beam of light illuminating the road in front of the vehicle and a receiver with a photocell for receiving light from an oncoming vehicle. There is a first shutter movable to progressively cut off the projected beam, and a second ...

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An inlet manifold for a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine comprises a plenum chamber which has an inlet containing at least one throttle valve and which has a plurality of outlet ducts each adapted to communicate with a respective cylinder of the engine via an inlet valve of the engine. A fu ...

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In a road vehicle suspension the damping of the system is greater at high speeds than low speeds. Typically, a plurality of shock absorbers having adjustable damping characteristics are used, and electromagnetic means adjust the damping characteristic of each shock absorber under the control of spee ...

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The invention relates to a system for regulating the flow of two fuels to an engine adapted to run on either, regulation being achieved by two coupled valve members, each of which controls the flow of one fuel and which are moved axially by a servosystem powered by one of the fuels. The coupled valv ...

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A hydraulic actuator arrangement has a pair of double acting actuator devices coupled together for movement in unison. Each device has two control valves respectively operable to cause the device to move in opposite directions. The four control valves are resiliently coupled so that both actuator de ...

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A machine for securing and electrically connecting an electrical cable to an electrical connector includes a gripping mechanism for gripping the cable. Means operable automatically when the cable is gripped by the gripping mechanism for stripping a length of the insulating sheath from the end of the ...