Randolf Von Oepen: Balloon catheter and multi-guidewire stent for implanting in the region of branched vessels. Jomed Implantate, Michael J Striker, April 11, 2000: US06048361 (178 worldwide citation)

A device for implanting into a body vessel in the region of a vessel branching has a radially expandable stent formed as a hollow cylindrical element and provided with an increased radial opening, and a balloon catheter on which the stent is pre-mounted for implanting in the vessel, the balloon cath ...

Randolf Von Oepen: Coronary stent. Jomed Implantate, Shinjyu Global IP Counselors, January 25, 2000: US06017365 (163 worldwide citation)

A coronary stent having a tubular body is disclosed. The tubular body has a wall which has a web structure and a flexible tip at at least one of its front ends. The web structure has a plurality of neighboring cells that are defined by webs.


Randolf Von Oepen: Coronary stent. Jomed Implantate, Shinjyu Global IP Counselors, May 30, 2000: US06068656 (115 worldwide citation)

A coronary stent having a tubular, flexible body is disclosed. The body has a wall which has a web structure. The web structure has a plurality of neighboring cells which are defined by webs and which are each connected via joint webs to neighboring cells. The stent has in axial direction first and ...

Randolf Von Oepen, Nikolaus Reifart: Stent graft. Jomed Implantate, Michael J Striker, June 29, 1999: US05916264 (77 worldwide citation)

A stent graft has two coaxially arranged, radially expandable stents, and a flexible, stretchable material layer arranged between the stents. Both stents are directly connected with one another in their end regions and the material layer is formed as a fabric band wound around an inner stent.

Randolph Von Oepen: Stent having varying thickness along its length. Jomed Implantate, Shinjyu Global IP Counselors, July 24, 2001: US06264690 (65 worldwide citation)

A stent is a device that is adapted to be implanted into narrowed portions of hollow vessels of a body. The stent (

Von Oepen Randolf Dr Ing: Radially dilatable stent for placement around a bifurcating corporeal vessel. Jomed Implantate, December 16, 1998: EP0884028-A1 (60 worldwide citation)

The implant is in the form of a hollow cylinder with large radial opening (22) in its cylindrical wall. Before the implant is mounted in the blood vessel (10) it is first mounted on a balloon catheter (30) to expand it radially. The balloon catheter has a hollow section (33) through which a guide wi ...

Von Oepen Randolf Dr Ing, Seibold Gerd: Compact stent. Jomed Implantate, March 8, 2000: EP0983753-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

The stent has a tubular and flexible body with the wall in a ribbed structure to give a transit between a compressed and an expanded state. The rib structure has a number of neighboring rib patterns (5,6), locked together, with adjacent rows of ribs (9,10,9',10'). Each rib has three part-zones (9a-9 ...

Von Oepen Randolf, Seibold Gerd: Tuteur intravasculaire, Stent. Jomed Implantate, Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises, MARKS & CLERK, March 16, 2000: CA2309079 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a stent (1) comprising a tubular flexible body (2) whose wall (3) has a web structure (4) which can pass from a non-expanded state into an expanded state. The web structure (4) comprises a plurality of neighboring web patterns (5, 6) which, in turn, consist of adjoin ...

Von Oepen Dr Ing Randolf: Radially expandable stent for implantation into a corporeal vessel. Jomed Implantate, November 24, 1999: EP0958794-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

The new version of a structure (10) used for a vascular prosthesis is equipped with an evenly distributed multitude of diamond shaped openings (11), alternating with rows of circular openings (15) of two different sizes. The bigger circular openings (15) can be slightly widened for the insertion of ...