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The present invention relates to an instrument and method for performing a partial knee replacement and, in particular, a single condyle replacement method. The instrument includes a tibial mounted platform which has formed thereon a keyed slot for receiving a spacer which spacer is positioned betwe ...

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A tibial resection guide is adapted to be mated with a tibial cutting guide block. The tibial resection guide enables the cutting guide block and its cutting surface to be manipulated vertically and horizontally. Further, the device enables the cutting guide block to be angularly oriented in the ant ...

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A knee joint prosthesis includes a femoral component, a tibial plateau, and a tibial bearing member. The design and geometry of the articulation surfaces of the condylar elements of the femoral component and tibial bearing member is such that contact area between the articulation surfaces is maximiz ...

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A tool for preparing a bone end for prosthetic joint replacement. The tool rests on a resected end of one bone of an articulating joint set, and includes a jack assembly for supporting an opposing bone of the set in flexion while the bone ends remain attached together by ligaments. The jack pivotall ...

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A surgical resection guide enables a surgeon to resect a femoral neck, during a hip arthroplasty procedure, such that a femoral prosthesis can be implanted within a patient to preserve or closely approximate the anatomic center of rotation of the hip. The guide is able to be used for left or right h ...

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A modular femoral trial system is provided having femoral trial bases of various sizes and adapters which may be used to convert the base from a cruciate retaining trial to a cruciate sacrificing trial or a trial for an implant with increased built in stability.

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A tool and a method for laying out resection or alignment features to prepare a bone end for prosthetic joint replacement. The tool includes adjustable assemblies coupled to a main body for determining a preparatory cut to fit a prosthesis, for example by drilling positioning holes or otherwise sett ...

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Implantable articles, such as bone prostheses, are prepared by casting techniques and have incorporated therein fluid communicating passageways. The internal fluid communicating passageways convey synovial fluid from a joint space to the articulation surface of an artificial joint. The presence of s ...

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An improved knee prosthesis disclosed that includes a patella for positioning in a trochlear groove formed by two condyles of a femoral component. The novel patella of the disclosure has an elliptical outer periphery and presents an articulating surface to the femoral component for sliding engagemen ...

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A method of making a custom, bioimplantable article, such as a joint prosthesis component, is provided using computer aided design, rapid prototyping, and investment casting techniques. The method includes the creation of a data file, using computer aided design (CAD) techniques, that defines a nega ...