Zhengxing Sun
Teng Lirong, Meng Qingfan, Liu Danmei, Zhou Jie, Tian Xiaole, Su Zhengxing, Sun Fengying: Dried wood-louse extract, preparation method and use thereof in preparing analgesic. Jilin University, Chen Hongwei, March 25, 2009: CN200810051393

The invention relates to a pillbug extract, a preparation method and the application in the preparation of analgesic medicines; baked-dried pillbug powder is crushed and added into water to be decocted; then supernatant is obtained after centrifugation; the supernatant solution is decompressed and c ...

Fuhua Peng: Gear finishing hob. Jilin University of Technology, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, August 16, 1994: US05338134 (7 worldwide citation)

A finishing gear hob whose shape is of a worm includes a working side with cutting edges K, which are in the form of a continuous equally-rising spaced cylindrical helix, and edges K are formed by the intersection of the rake faces A, i.e. the top surfaces of the worm, and the flanks B, i.e. the wor ...


Youhong Sun, Wei Guo, Valery Konstantinovich Chistyakov, Chen Chen, Zupei Zhang, Jun Xue: Sampling method and sampler for gas hydrates by hole bottom freezing. Jilin University, Occhiuti Rohlicek & Tsao, December 13, 2011: US08074739 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a sampler for gas hydrates by hole bottom freezing, the sampler comprises a fisher, a wire-line coring mechanism and an outer barrel, and it further comprises a refrigeration portion, a low temperature control portion and a frozen insulation sample portion, which con ...

Xu Deqi, Kopecko Dennis J, Hu Jiadi, Zhang Ling, Zhao Xuejian, Gao Lifang: Attenuated salmonella as a delivery system for sirna-based tumor therapy. The Government Of The United States Of America Represented By The Secretary Department Of, Jilin University, University Of Maryland, Xu Deqi, Kopecko Dennis J, Hu Jiadi, Zhang Ling, Zhao Xuejian, Gao Lifang, DELANEY Karoline A, July 31, 2008: WO/2008/091375 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an attenuated Salmonella sp. that is capable of targeting a solid tumor when administered in vivo comprising a short hairpin (sh) RNA construct, and methods of inhibiting the growth or reducing the volume of a solid tumor cancer comprising administering an effective amount o ...

Pei Chung Wang, Xihua Zhao, He Zhao: Hybrid laser and resistance welding system and method. GM Global Technology Operations, Jilin University, May 18, 2010: US07718917 (1 worldwide citation)

An improved fusion welding system having a heating unit and welding device is adapted for increasing the efficiency of welding a plurality of workpieces. The system preferably presents a single-sided process, and includes first and second electrode wheels operable to heat a portion of the workpieces ...

Yuquan Song, Minghui Wang, Xiaofang Guan: Adjustable hydraulic press with both upper and lower double action. Jilin University, Merchant & Gould P C, December 27, 2011: US08082771 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses an adjustable hydraulic press with both upper and lower double action, specially suitable for the cylindrical gear formed by stamping or expanding, closed forging and the metal cold forming or metal hot forming of punching, finishing, flanging and drawing of sheet mat ...

Luquan Ren, Xiaoming Qiu, Qingping Liu, Guilan Zhang, Zhanrong Cui, Hongxiu Yang, Liang Ge: Non-stick cooking utensil. Jilin University, Michael Best & Friedrich, November 13, 2012: US08308016 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a non-stick cooking utensil, wherein protrusions are arranged on interior wall of the utensil to form a non-smooth surface, said protrusion has a height of 20-999 μm and a projection area of 314-783431 μm2 with respect to the interior surface of the utensil, the protrusions ...

SUN YOUHONG: 钻井泥浆强制冷却循环系统 (ZH), Forced cooling circulation system for drilling mud (EN). JILIN UNIVERSITY, Ntd Patent & Trademark Agency Beijing Office, August 4, 2011: WO/2011/091626 (1 worldwide citation)

A forced cooling circulation system for drilling mud, which includes a refrigeration unit (1), a secondary refrigerant tank (4), a coaxial convection heat exchanger (12) for mud and a mud pond (17), is provided. The refrigeration unit (1) is connected with the secondary refrigerant tank (4) and the ...

Sun Yonghai, Wang Huihui: Method and device for computer visual inspection classification of quality of fresh corn ears. Jilin University, qi anquan, January 26, 2011: CN201010288152 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a method and a device for computer visual inspection classification of the quality of fresh corn ears, which aim to solve the problem that an artificial classification method makes the accuracy and the reproducibility of classification generated adverse effects. The method co ...

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