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An apparatus for the graphic representation and analysis of fluorescence signals that can be employed for the analysis of the decay behavior of pulses in fluorometry. The object of providing an arrangement for quantitative fluorometry, with which images of the spatial distribution of the decay behav ...

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The invention relates to a front lens group for an immersion objective of BD arrangement with high aperture, suitable for a dark field incident illumination of a widefield immersion objective for microscopes. A spherical front lens surface is provided with a totally reflecting aspherical surface sec ...

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An air damped seating particularly for devices and vehicles comprising a control chamber, an air chamber, both of variable volume, and a damping duct. The control chamber is provided with an air inlet flange and a valve, and is connected to the air chamber by a connection pipe. The damping duct is c ...

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An auto-focus system for focusing reflecting objects which are under investigation in a measuring device. The invention comprises a light source for producing an illumination beam for illuminating an object plane of an objective lens to be focused, an imaging beam and a focusing beam, both originati ...

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The invention relates to a manipulation device for precision adjustment of plane pattern bearing substrates being provided with two adjustment marks which are at different distances relative to a reference mark, which is, for example, a graduation plate. Such a substrate can be, for example, an inte ...

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The invention concerns an arrangement for enabling laser spectral analysis of chemical components contained in a target material, by utilizing the respective line spectra of the atoms involved.

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In an arrangement for control of aerial cameras an objective for imaging a surveyed area onto a projection plane is employed. The image frequency and the drift are determined from the speed and the direction of the image motion on the projection plane, whereas the grey values are exploited for the e ...

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A method is provided for determining and indicating a supply of film remaining in an aerial photography camera, which results in greater measuring precision and improved indication options. While film is advanced during a film step from a film feed spool through a film advancing device to a film tak ...

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A measuring system includes a tachymeter station and a reflector or evaluating station. The tachymeter station is provided with an electronic tachymeter, along with a calculating or computing device and a portable radio transmitter, for transmitting data processed by the calculator in accordance wit ...

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An improved projector for projecting fixed stars in planetaria increases the brightness and the brilliance of the projected sky by using fiber optical light guides. The device comprises at least one light source, one condenser, one star plate or templates and one lens, which projects the star plate ...