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The present invention relates particularly to photovoltaic systems for use in photo vo ltaically generating electrical energy. One aspect of the invention is a photovoltaic roofing system disposed on a roof deck. The photovoltaic roofing system includes one or more photovoltaic elements contiguously ...

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A method of making a shingle and the shingle made in accordance with such method are provided, in which a shingle-forming layer of shingle material has a plurality of marks applied thereto prior to or after application of decorative granules to its tab region, and wherein the locations of the marks ...

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The irrigation controllers are modular in that various functional components of the irrigation controller are implemented in removable modules (55, 65) that when inserted into position within the controller housing (40), expand the capabilities of the controller. Also described are various different ...

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An identification tag for an animal for use in a national livestock registration and movement control system, comprises a tag plate (10) permanently attached to the animal (14) and bearing a code identifying the animal and comprising a bar code (20) and a corresponding alphanumeric code (22).

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A vacuum pump (10) comprises a shaft (45) and a gear box (30) through which the shaft (45) passes. The gear box comprises a primary lubricant reservoir (20) and a lubricant thrower (60) which is mounted on the shaft (45) for rotation therewith and extends into the primary reservoir (20). A secondary ...

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Apparatus for the sampling of heavy fuel oil supplied to a ship as bunker fuel consists of a pipe section 6 for oil flow containing a static vane mixer 11, together with a portable unit 18 attachable thereto and having a sampling tube 26 communicating with the interior of the pipe section 6 downstre ...

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An electrically insulated pipe joint in which one length of metal pipe is electrically insulated from a succeeding length of metal pipe comprises a ring element (24) of T- shape cross section in which respective pipe end adaptor elements (10, 12) can be entered, and a cylindrical sleeve element (26) ...