Improvements in or relating to strainer plates and drums. James Walker, April 3, 1940: GB519680-A (49 worldwide citation)

519,680. Strainers; making gratings. WALKER, J. Sept. 22, 1938, No. 27603. [Class 46] [Also in Group XXII] Plates for straining paper pulp or other liquor are made of corrugated sheet metal with slits D, Fig. 9, cut along the apices of the corrugations. The corrugations may be angular or curved. Whe ...

Improvements in gauge glass fittings. John James Walker, Weston Walker, August 2, 1928: GB294826-A (48 worldwide citation)

294,826. Walker, J. J, and Walker, W. Dec. 5, 1927. Gauge glasses.-A valve 7 closing automatically on breakage of a gauge glass G is arranged in a V-shaped portion 5 of the passage connecting the gauge glass to the boiler. The passage 5 is provided with a seating 6 for the valve, and with a plug 9 h ...

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A shaft seal comprises a housing (22) containing a sealing ring (20,720) consisting of a sleeve (24,724) of plastics such as PTFE and an elastomeric ring (30,730) surrounding the sleeve. The dimensions of the sleeve (22,722) are such that fluid can leak between the sleeve and the shaft (10). Fluid p ...

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A rail pad or other shaped article in the form of a resiliently compressible extrudate having a textured surface and comprising particles or granules of cork or similar resiliently compressible cellular material substantially homogenously dispersed throughout a polymeric matrix of generally saturate ...

An improved safety cutting knife. Dunlop Rubber Co, James Walker Morris, January 24, 1951: GB649406-A (12 worldwide citation)

649,406. Knives. DUNLOP RUBBER CO., Ltd., and MORRIS, J. W. Sept. 14, 1948, No. 24057. [Class 30] A safety knife comprises a blade, retractable by spring means into a cavity in the handle, holding and engaging means to maintain the blade outside the handle before and during the application of cuttin ...

Jacob Albertus Eisses: Railway track support structure. James Walker & Co, Imirie Smiley Snyder & Butrum, February 23, 1971: US3565336 (10 worldwide citation)

A railway track in which the track structure is supported by rigid supporting faces, through elastic layers consisting of an elastomer containing for the greater part finely dispersed gas cells, each of said elastic layers consisting at least partly of a moulded setting resin material, said material ...

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784,708. Stuffing-box substitutes. WALKER & CO., Ltd., J. March 22, 1955 [Feb. 23, 1954], No. 5281/54. Class 122 (5). A mechanical seal for the rotor shaft 9 of a pump comprises a housing 1, a carbon ring 11 carried by an annular carrier 10 and resiliently urged by adjustable means into sealing cont ...

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1,041,916. Piston and stuffing-box packing. JAMES WALKER & CO. Ltd. July 6, 1965 [June 22, 1964], No. 25703/64. Headings F2B and F2T. In packing for a piston or stuffing-box and comprising a sealing ring 1 of resilient material. e.g. rubber, and an anti-extrusion ring 9 of less resilient material, e ...

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A sealing structure for a rock drill bit includes an elastomeric diaphragm for installation in the drill bit so as to separate grease from drilling mud. The diaphragm has an aperture extending through it, and a plug is disposed in the aperture so as to form a mechanical seal with a wall of the apert ...

Nigel M Page, Philip D Embury: Rotary drill bit with lip seal in roller cone bit. Halliburton Energy Services, James Walker, Robert Groover, Betty Formby, Groover & Associates, March 19, 2002: US06357540 (5 worldwide citation)

A roller-cone drill bit in which a double lip seal, made of a self-lubricating elastomer, protects the bearings from the mud.